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With Someone New


Am I going to be happy with the man I’m with for the rest of my life, or with someone new?


Dear With Someone New,

At the heart of your question lies the answer, YOU.

Happiness with yourself and another is something you choose every moment of day. It’s not like an insurance policy whereby some are given the premium coverage and others aren’t. No matter your status, race, religion, creed, etc., happiness in life, in relationships…IS A CHOICE.

To be happy with the man you are currently with, choose it. Choose to be the happiness you seek. That way, no matter where you are or who you are with, you will be happy.

Should you find over the course of time that your mate is on a different path or level than you, and your own happiness is at stake, make the necessary choices to ensure your happiness. No one is meant to suffer. We are all created from divine love, meaning, at a soul level, all of creation is love.

Thus, happiness is a divine gift and right derived from love. Exercise this right constantly and consistently. Make no apologies for being happy, cheerful, and loving. Share it organically and authentically with yourself and others. From the simplicity of a smile to the roar of your laughter.

Share it, because in doing so, the journey of life becomes sweeter, richer, and more fulfilling and abundant. Recognize it in others, as that will go a long way in ensuring you are spending the rest of your life with the right person for you.