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A View From The Spiritual World

"When I was a child we had a very powerful medium named Vanga. She was like the American medium Edgar Cayce. Our culture is connected with all Thracian and Greek mythology. Spartacus. Orpheus. Alexander The Great…You are James The Great!"
Elena A.
"Truly gifted. An extraordinary talent. So kind and generous of spirit!"
Tim Quinn
Halo 42

Warm | Gracious | Loving

“Working with DearJames® is a true blessing as he shares his beautiful gifts from a Wisdom and Source well beyond this world. In this, it has been both an honor and privilege to receive his powerful guidance in times of deep transition and transformation in my life. His work Is both resonant, and more importantly, moves me beyond what I have been open to receiving. James’ deep support has allowed me to step outside self-imposed boundaries and see and own my path as something both tenable and necessary in the present and into the future. For this, I remain deeply grateful.”
Jo Ann Wenner MS MA-T
"Writer, Speaker, Wonderer and Wanderer, Holistic Coach and Consultant, Other Career Iterations"
“As a spirit guide in human form, DearJames® is the real deal! Working with James opens the door to understanding and love as well as unexpected treasures that otherwise might not be discovered. His interpretations and rich insights provided me with a guidepost, a spiritual and psychic map from which to better align my life to what’s important and meaningful. The challenges experienced in my life were given texture and substance by James, calling forth spirit guides to unravel what has felt as an undercurrent of unknowing and at times, anxiety. DearJames®, in his unique loving style and straightforward approach, gave voice and understanding to issues that have plagued me for years. If you are seeking to gain perspective and guidance for patterns in your life that are causing disruption or challenge, James provides a view from the spiritual world, one of great harmony, clarity and at times, humor. James’ style is warm, gracious and loving. Thank you, DearJames®, for your passionate and deeply insightful guidance.”
Janeen Bianco-Splann
“I would just like to thank DearJames® for my Intuitive reading this past weekend! It was an amazing and soul-opening experience. Thank you DearJames® for relaying the answers that have been on my monkey mind and for giving me the big push to move forward regardless of my insecurities! You were just outstanding! From your loving and light energy to your meaningful messages you offered in support, Thank You. You had a very unique way of delivering exactly what I needed to hear, supported by the information you were receiving from source, song lyrics, and numbers (numerology). If anyone is looking for healing, uplifting, and genuine support, DearJames® will offer this to you with much love and amazing energy!!!”
Michelle Lange
The Awakened Journey Retreat Recipient

Honest | Spot-On-Accuracy | Healing

“To be honest, I wouldn’t have booked DearJames®’ service on my own. As a scientist, I was used to only believing what can be proven experimentally. When I look back, I see how narrow-minded this mindset was. I know better today. My first consultation with DearJames® was a gift from my sister and it was at a time when I was suffering from chronic migraines, feeling unbalanced, and often frustrated. I felt a longing for something and didn’t know for what. I had nothing to do with spirituality which I equated with religion. And yet, I immediately felt a great curiosity, and surprisingly, no skepticism at all when I looked more closely at the gift my sister had given me. So, sitting quite nervously in front of my laptop, I scheduled the consultation with DearJames® and waited for the Zoom call to start. As it turned out, there was no need to be nervous. James is such a kind, empathetic, humble, and humorous person whose laugh is contagious, that I immediately felt very comfortable. During the hour-long consultation, he gave me so much information about myself, all areas of life and my future, that I felt dizzy at the end. Even today, one year later, I hear something new every time I listen to the recording, and I always assert that he was right with his predictions! He answered all my questions in great detail, which I had sent him in advance, and at the end asked whether everything I had wanted to know was answered. James’ intuitive consultation helped me to understand who I really am and what is important to me in life so that today I feel absolutely balanced, happy, and peaceful. Everything he told me resonated strongly within me, and I felt that everything corresponded to “my own deeper truth.” For me it was the beginning of a very exciting journey into a life that is more colorful, abundant, and loving than I could ever have imagined. In retrospect, it was the greatest, best, most wonderful, and most important gift I have ever received. That is why I say: An intuitive consultation by DearJames® is the best gift you can give yourself or a loved one!”
“James is incredibly intuitive and has a wonderful way of letting information flow freely. He always surprises me with deeply important personal messages. He is extremely warm and patient, and truly has a very special gift. It brings so much comfort to know that I can call James a dear friend and I know he has a window into my heart and soul. He is magical and has made my life fuller with his wisdom and revelations.”
Kimberly Nelson-Olszewski
“DearJames® is a seer, a mystic, and provides incredibly powerful and insightful support. I highly recommend his wonderful healing.”
Michael Bianco-Splann
Illuminate Ambitions

Astute | Empathetic | Compassionate

“DearJames®, firstly, I would like to thank you for your pure kindness and gentle words, as they soothed my soul. I am extremely grateful for your intuitive guidance. After our session, it took me a couple of months to reflect on the information I received, and the moment I started accepting this life, everything started to synchronize in my life. I can now see how a puzzle is starting to come together and that this puzzle has been present for all of my life and will continue to expand and present more pieces. “We know what we know until we know” right! As an example, one guidance was to start a new daily regimen, which was supposed to shift me. I could not see, in the moment, how this could benefit me since I have tried many lifestyles. Last month I stumbled upon an Ayurvedic post and decided to change my routine by following the guidance and adopting the Ayurvedic tradition in the post. As you had intuited, this simple change made a profound shift in my life. Within days I experienced a reset/shift which is allowing me to release the burdens and aches of the past, and another piece of the puzzle fell into place. The synchronicity that occurs as you embrace your current path is magical and I am eternally grateful for all the loving guidance you have given me.”
Lilia S.
“You may hear this daily, but you haven't heard it from me! You are my inspiration and it’s been so dark in my world. You are so positive and true, and I just look forward to reading your advice. Thank You”
“After hearing about DearJames® from a childhood friend a few years ago, it wasn't until November 2020 that I felt compelled to take the plunge with my first consultation. Since that day my sessions with James can be described as unexpected, constructive, and revitalising. James has never told me what I expected to hear—but always what felt right in my core. Our meetings have gracefully challenged my thought process, allowing me to pivot in a difficult moment whilst getting further in touch with my own intuition. Telling me straight away that life can't just be fixed with a switch, talking to DearJames® has helped me restore faith in the big picture and go along with ebbs and flows. It’s an interesting mix of letting go and moving forwards with restored faith in yourself and the people you care about. His positivity and joy are infectious, and I truly value the time we have spent together.”

A Mystic | A Seer

“DearJames ® has a genuine gift and an honest way of articulating what his guides communicate to him. He has a great sense of humor, and his warm demeanor and relaxed approach throughout the consultation puts you at ease. Each time we spoke, he brought a sense of clarity to my life, making me feel so much lighter and brighter afterwards. I was impressed with how prepared he was and felt like he really knew me and what I needed. James has a huge heart for helping and sharing with others. He is honest, insightful, helpful, and gifted. Anyone fortunate enough to have a reading with DearJames® will benefit from his guided counsel and gain insightful awareness.”
“I have contacted DearJames® several times for readings. He is always kind, sincere, and even funny when he references my loved ones who have passed. I always have peace and comfort after a reading with DearJames®, and I admire and respect his gifts as a medium.”
“I have known DearJames® for several years as a Wellness Universe World-Changer. Since our interview in 2014, James has been a resource for us with his intuitive guidance, professional and polished business acumen, and heart-centered mindset. A quote that comes to mind for how James sees the world: "A rising tide lifts all boats." James cuts through the BS and is divinely guided to help you see what you can't. The way he delivers his messages for your best and highest good are real, trusted, and candid. James is the perfect blend of no-nonsense yet inspiring guidance; he tells it like it is and it's for your greatest good! Thank you, James, for being in my life and a member of WU. You were well-loved at SoulTreat and I’m looking forward to a wonderful future growing together!! I highly recommend reaching out to James for life and business clarity and advice. His gifts will blow you away. Many of his visions have come to pass, and his advice is as if he was sitting in our boardroom meetings when he was never there.”
Anna Pereira
Founder, The Wellness Universe

Truly Authentic | Gifted

“DearJames®’ gifts of clairvoyance and intuitive knowing are phenomenal. With highly accurate perceptions and spot-on guidance, he sees and hears your guides and masters with clarity, precision, humor and above all, deep LOVE. His authenticity, purity of spirit, and respect for the process of being human make his intuitive sessions unique. Above all, DearJames® will “tell it like it is” for your highest and best outcomes, so fasten your seatbelt! Working with DearJames® is fun, exciting, and life-changing. When you are with him, you are in the hands of a Master.”
Dr. Jan Seward
Integrated Healing Arts “Follow Your Path to Wholeness”
“Having a consultation with DearJames® is something very special and precious. James is very loving, generous, kind, humorous, grounded, and, above all, always uplifting while bringing you forward in your personal growth on your soul journey. In my family, all members benefit from his intuitive sessions and he is our very DearJames®. I am grateful and blessed to know him.”
“I have had a couple of sessions with DearJames®, and I have been blown away each time. James listens to what is being delivered to him and conveys it in a very straight-forward manner. There are no leading questions that he builds off of to try and make something out of nothing. He is 100% transparent in all aspects of what he receives. If he does not receive anything in regard to a specific question or subject, he is completely honest and does not try to make up an answer. He has never asked questions prior to a session and he actually instructs you to not say anything prior so that what comes to him is completely organic and divine. He has personally said things in my sessions that no one in my life has known, even though I don’t always admit to them. All of his messages come from a very divine nature. He is very positive, easy to talk with and listen to, and overall a great person to speak with. His notes that he brings to a session are incredibly accurate, to a point that I have been left in complete amazement. I would personally recommend James to anyone, at any time, without a bit of hesitation. Thank you, James.”
Brandon's Dad

Inspiring Guidance | Tells It Like It Is

“I have always been a very skeptical person. Whenever people would refer to the “Universe” speaking to them, I would generally roll my eyes and move on to a different topic. However, DearJames® has literally caused me to rethink the direction of my life. James and I have had many discussions about my career and direction that my life was taking. On a few very specific occasions, James advised me to rethink the direction I was pursuing, but being a skeptic, I didn’t listen to him. A few years later, I am now able to reflect back on his guidance and realize that he was absolutely, spot on. I definitely should have followed his guidance. At this juncture in my life, I am at a key crossroads and there is not a doubt that this time I will follow the guidance of DearJames®. Already I feel completely stress-free and excited about what the future holds!”
“James is a truly wonderful human! I always look forward to my sessions with him, as they have consistently left me blown away by the accuracy of the messages, leading to invaluable advice, and allow me to navigate some tough situations with a clear mind and positive outlook. He has a way of delivering messages that always hit home, all while never leaving me worried or anxious, thanks to his wonderful sense of humor and empathy. For anyone stuck in a particular moment in their lives, and in need of guidance or just wanting a more detailed layout of the path they are on, DearJames® is your man!”
F. G.
“This was my first experience talking to any type of psychic and/or medium. I feel that James was very patient and understanding throughout this process. He took his time to ensure that I was comfortable as well as understood what he was conveying. The clarity that I received in regard to some of the questions I was struggling with at that time was invaluable. I would recommend this to anyone! It’s just so reassuring to get answers, especially when you feel so lost. There really are NO words to express the level of peace that DearJames®’ insights provided me across several areas of my life!”

Very Positive | Easy To Talk With | Amazing Energy

“From the moment we met, I felt an instant connection with James. He is compassionate and kind, exuding a warmth and grace that immediately put me at ease. The deeply personal messages he conveyed then set me on a course of action that changed my life. His incredible ability to receive and interpret messages from Spirit is truly remarkable. Everything he told me was something I needed to hear and rang true in my heart. The guidance I received from James prompted me to begin to make the necessary changes in my life in order to follow what it is I am meant to do. I have learned from him to trust in the Universe and trust in myself. James has become a dear friend and continues to provide wise guidance as my life has expanded in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Every time I speak with him, I am struck by his open heart, his sincerity, and his humor, providing a safe space like a warm embrace from him and from Spirit. DearJames®, you are a light and a blessing.”
Debbie A. LMHC NCC
Psychotherapist – Author
“James is a truth-seeker. His intuitive gifts guide him towards the “light,” which leads to the true meaning of life. As I went thru the most painful experience of my life, the loss of a loved one, James acted as my spiritual guide. He shared his light and his knowing, always moving toward taking the high road in life. He accomplishes this by teaching me to stay in the conscious mind: the mind of the present. By living in the NOW, we worked together to release thoughts from the un-conscious, negative, and ego state mind. James's intuitive talents guided me to look inside myself and to love and accept that self-unconditionally. Sometimes painful, but always transformative, this process James and I worked thru, revealed my extraordinary life. I live life in the now today, loving life and myself more fully and spiritually than I could ever have imagined before. James is my spiritual guide, my life coach, and my light.”
“DearJames® has an uncanny intuitive ability to understand the inner workings of humanity, and the motivations associated with those complex interactions. He is an invaluable confident and advisor.”
B. Waldo

A Genuine Gift | An Honest Way

“DearJames is a very caring intuitive, psychic. I knew when I met him that he had a message for me from spirit. The message he gave me was life-changing because he confirmed the guidance I received that had played out in my life and those to come. I feel my life has enhanced since our session. I felt comfortable and safe opening up to him as well as receiving the messages from my guides through him. James is compassionate and encouraging when channeling messages. He made sure I understood the messages and answered all of my questions. I’m looking forward to another session. If you’re looking for someone who will hold your hand while receiving guidance from your guides, look no further. James is exactly the person you need! Respectfully,”
Mildred Muhammad
“The most important thing about DearJames® is that he has a positive view of the world and has the ability to point out solutions to problems, not just opinions as to what is wrong.”
“My Encounter with James I met James almost ten years ago and I will never forget our first encounter… extraordinarily different…. engaging, funny, wonderful contagious laugh but there was something more. James spoke of spirituality and the universe in a manner that was clear and made sense. I’d never heard these terms before but through James I was able to comprehend their meanings. At the time I was wrestling with personal and professional decisions. James, I believe, sensing my struggles, opened his heart, beliefs, and shared his extraordinary life and experiences. I always knew there was something more for me, my destiny, and with the help of James for the first time in my life, it began to make sense. Our conversations led to “the universe” and your “internal soul” is telling you who you are and who you are not, “your path” and “your journey,” and we should listen. It’s not fate but rather something more, much more. Upon reflection, the universe allowed me to encounter James. I believe in my heart that James came into my life for this reason, he was brought to me to assist in my understanding of the past and perhaps my journey moving forward. His incredible attention to detail and his ability to listen and dissect the unraveling events in my life were uncanny. He made it all make sense and illustrated how to perceive the events occurring in my life. James would say “the universe is trying to show you something; you have a choice to listen or not.” We dissected, analyzed, and it became clear. For the first time in my entire life, I had a sense of peace. It was James who opened up my world in a way that neither religion, I was raised Roman Catholic, nor many of the psychology books I have read, ever did. As we discussed, our society has grown to discount the intangible, the unseen. We are a fact-driven society and unfortunately, we have stopped trusting or believing in the universe. When you believe and trust, peace and true happiness are inevitable. Looking back, James’ guidance was astonishing. Since those memorable conversations my life has been an unbelievable journey, and over time, I learned to BELIEVE and TRUST the universe and to LISTEN to the “elements” that are trying to show me a better, more peaceful and happy life, FOR ME. James was right!!! I am now married to a wonderful man, living happily in Denver, embarking on a completely different career, listening and sensing the path and journey the universe is guiding me to as my next chapter in my life. I will always be thankful to James and grateful for his commitment to my wellbeing and our friendship. I consider him to be family and will always be part of my life. I believe his talents and skills are unique, and hope his path is to assist others in their journey. Our society will be better for it.”
Joanna Sinatra Nickerson

Extremely Professional | Incredibly Intuitive

“Your gifts of insight, generosity in sharing them with others, and being of service, are commendable! I am grateful for your presence in this universe, DearJames®!”
Dung Le
“To think of where I was and where I am now as a result of our sessions together just amazes me. I have been able to take myself places spiritually and to other dimensions in time and space that I never dreamed possible. You had once told me “I was a beacon” and like an “antenna” for the spirits to reach me with ease. I believe that to be true, but it is you, James, who became the conduit that made all of that possible. The transformation of myself as a result of beginning to understand my life path gives me confidence, inspiration and hope for myself as well as humanity. All things are possible with love, understanding, and having an open heart…this is what you showed me. Thank you so much for being the person you are and for shining your light onto the world and unto me. I feel humbled by that very thought! I weep now as I think of my personal transformation and how you helped me with that as well. Many Blessings!”
Dr. Gennifer (Genn) Herley
“DearJames®: A heartfelt thank you for yesterday’s session. I appreciate all of the information you shared, and it has had a profound impact on me, in the most positive of ways! The messages you delivered to me offered me a huge amount of clarity as I pass through such an exhausted and uncertain time of my life. Most importantly, I feel that you brought me the epiphany moment I needed – by identifying a key life event that has been the source of a huge amount of unknown and pent-up anxiety/pain for the last ten years. With all of this, I can now begin to understand myself better and begin finding myself again.”

A Truth Seeker | A Conduit | Encouraging

“I really struggle to put into words what it is that DearJames® provides; comfort, reassurance, knowing, God’s blessing(s), love from the other side. People wouldn’t understand if I just listed those, so I offer this: In a world where God has infinite power and majesty, have faith that there is more than meets the eye. In 2018 my son was diagnosed with a seizure disorder. He was 18 years old at the time, and up until that point he had never had any real health problems. We were on a path to finding the cause of recurrent shoulder dislocations while sleeping when he had his first witnessed seizure. It was in these first few months of living with this diagnosis that we encountered James. A family member had been in touch with James and discussed what had been happening with our son. He encouraged us to keep pushing the doctors to find the real cause of the seizure disorder and warned that if we did not find the source it would be detrimental. Fast forward nine months, we lost our son in a horrific automobile accident on March 31, 2019. Before James could be told about the accident and death of our son, our son contacted James and was frantic about a message he needed me to hear. James reached out to our family member and was explaining what he was receiving. It was not until he was told of my son’s passing that he understood what the message was and why. The next day, James’ message was shared with me and my son’s father and only the two of us knew the reason for the message. The message was from our son putting to rest a concern only I’d had, and had only voiced to his father. The message was direct and supported by things unique to our son that nobody else would associate with him but us. Weeks after his passing, we spoke with James again. We had many questions surrounding the accident and instead of posing those questions to James we simply asked that he share any messages our son had given him. Every one of our questions were answered. Several of our family members had sessions with James as well 2-3 months after the accident and all were given such specific messages and confirmation any doubt I had after our consult were wiped away. I have had several sessions with James over the past two years and each time I come away with clear answers and affirmation. My soul is at peace with where my son now resides. I know his soul is at peace. With God’s mercy, I can face tomorrow and James’ messages act as reinforcement. God placed each of us here with a purpose, and you would be wise to live each day praising God, being grateful, and living your life on purpose for the glory of God. Seek wise counsel with your faith rooted deep in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Count your blessings, brothers and sisters.”
“DearJames® was introduced to me through a family member. I hired him to do an intuitive reading. He was extremely professional and insightful. Everything he told me about my life was true. He is truly gifted, and he really cares. I highly recommend DearJames® as an Intuitive, Coach, Business Professional, and Human Being! I have had the opportunity to interview DearJames® and look forward to a future collaboration with him. DearJames® is a person of high integrity! 10+”
Dr. Jacalyn Kerbeck MBA
TV/Radio Show Host, Rapping with Dr, Jacalyn® - Business Talk Radio
“DearJames®: You have accompanied us through several life changes and decisions already, and thereby supported us in seeing the bigger picture, and to truly listen to our hearts. This helped us to make our lives simpler and more beautiful. So, too, with perhaps our biggest and most decisive experience, have your messages from the Universe encouraged us. Our memories of your consultations give us daily strength. In your consultations you have always given a lot of time, and we feel that we received your full attention. We will certainly book many more consultations with you! Thank you for everything.”
Valeria & Andreas

I Learned To Listen | Trust | Believe

“James has been a friend and confidant for many years. Over these years I have turned to him for "insight" and inspiration in all walks of my life. He has a true gift, understands the complexities that are involved in giving "advice," and is kind, gentle, and caring in both his demeanor and approach.”
Todd Williamson
“I don’t know if you might remember me. It’s been many years, 9 to be exact, since we met. I have enjoyed following you through the years and, I must admit, after our first several conversations, I was more than overwhelmed and confused about what your messages for me revealed. Truthfully, I was terrified. And, I was having some, what I thought to be scary at the time, experiences as well, and it was all too much to take in for me. However, much to my absolute amazement, revelations that I could have never, ever seen coming have made it impossible to ignore my truths any longer. I would love to share with you the messages you received and shared with me back in 2014 and how it’s at play in my life now, despite my best efforts to “blend.” lol! I am unsure of what is next for me but I am now open to whatever it is that is my path, and I wanted to say THANK YOU! for sharing your gifts to help me 9 years ago!! Because of your kindness & guidance, you helped to lay the foundation for me to allow my experiences to build upon. Without you providing the framework, I truly would have thought I was going insane. Well, today I embrace who I am because I know it’s the essence of who I am. I’m taking small steps everyday and am amazed at what my spiritual team has shown me, most especially in the past several months alone! Once again, please accept my thanks and gratitude for opening my mind to the possibilities and towards my truth.”today

Kind, Gentle, & Caring | Uplifting | Grounded And Thoughtful

"Working with DearJames® has been a journey of self-discovery, trust, and joy from the very first day. His honest and open heart opened the door to my spiritual awakenings. DearJames® shares his connection with the unseen genuinely, and wholeheartedly. I have had the pleasure of having one-on-one consultations with him and each time has been grounded and thoughtful, uplifting and sobering, direct and soft. I come away each time with a greater sense of my own connection to the universe, what lessons my soul wants to learn, and what I can do to continue to feed my soul. I’m still on my awakening journey, opening new doors and opportunities each day, and having the support of the Facebook group, the Weekly Wisdom & Insights Wednesday shows, and checking in with one-on-one intuitive consultations, I feel myself more every day. I know I am going as guided, which in turn, guides my actions."
E.O. Morton
"I’ve known James as a friend and trusted advisor for many years. His talent to connect and convey “their” messages is often jaw-dropping, and yes, sometimes I want to do it MY WAY, not wanting to hear certain things! Well, we KNOW it always comes back around…and I’m learning to listen to things faster. I love sharing DearJames®’ talents with others. One evening, I had the chance to do just that! I often hosted a group of accomplished women at my home in Los Angeles. The gatherings were always themed, and this one was France. As a hostess gift to my guests, I always had a surprise something around the cocktail gathering’s theme. DearJames® was our evening’s “mystery guest” this time, as he was returning from a long sojourn in France. These women were quite captivated and kept DearJames® very busy that evening. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to gift his intuitive services to some of my friends and business colleagues. Each time I get the call after saying, “WOW! DearJames® is so talented, and what great spiritual guidance he has conveyed.” Whenever we catch up or have an intuitive consultation session, I always feel his kind, genuine goodness, and “their” messages, which feel like a warm hug."