a deeper dive into the unseen

An Unforgettable Experience

Every moment with the Unseen, Spirit, Source, & Symphony is a gift.

They are ever-present on our journey awaiting our invitation to connect, commune, collaborate.

An Intuitive Consultation with DearJames® is one such invitation.

Their presence is palpable throughout the experience as they reflect the hidden wisdom and truth your journey holds back to you.

They are the Intuitive Insights, Answers, & Advice you seek.

And to them the praise belongs for they are both the origin and the source of An Unforgettable Experience.



DearJames® is available in-person or via Zoom or telephone for Private Individual, Group, & Business Intuitive Consultations and Multi-Session Soul Coaching.

The location of any in-person service must be confirmed and agreed to in writing at the time of purchase and confirmation. Time and Travel expenses may apply.

Dates, times, places, and numbers all play a role in your Intuitive Consultation and its scheduling.

Everything Is Purposeful.

What Should I Expect?

Expect Intuitive Insight, Answers & Advice…To Your Life Questions.

Expect The Unseen to See You.

Expect information only you know to be revealed back to you.

Expect affirmations, confirmations, signs, symbols, & synchronicities.

Expect Honesty, Truth, & Transparency.

Expect the Unexpected.

And, while every consultation is different and tailored to the individual(s) present, the result is the same, Divine Wisdom from The Unseen, (Spirit, Source, & Symphony), conveyed to you through DearJames® to empower and  inspire you, and illuminate your path as you journey onward.

Expect the same for a business consultation, with an overall emphasis on the soul of the company/organization, its leaders, executives, board members, and employees. How each person either enhances or diminishes the overall wellbeing and success of the business, its working environment and relationships, and the strategic decisions that either benefit or hurt the company/organization.

In each circumstance, the Intuitive Wisdom and Guidance you receive is for your highest and best, and is conveyed with the utmost care, compassion, and clarity for all involved.

How To Purchase A Service

To purchase a Private Individual or Group Intuitive Consultation or Multi-Session Soul Coaching Package, please click one of the "Purchase A Consultation" buttons located on this page or select the “Offerings” tab located under "Shop" in the Main Menu. To purchase a Private Business Intuitive Consultation, please email and include the number of individuals, including the business entity, you wish to include in the Intuitive Consultation, along with your pertinent contact information. All Private Business Intuitive Consultation pricing is calculated on an individual basis due to the varying nature and complexity of each request. All initial Private Individual Intuitive Consultations are a minimum of 60-Minutes or 90-Minutes.
Private Individual Intuitive Consultations & Multi-Session Soul Coaching Packages may also be purchased as gifts.

Purchase Confirmation & Scheduling

Upon completion of your purchase, an associate will contact you within 24-hours, excluding weekends and holidays, to schedule your service and answer any questions you may have.

Private Business Intuitive Consultation inquiries will be responded to within the same 24-hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

Payment In Full is required in advance to schedule, confirm, and perform any Intuitive Consultation and/or Multi-Session Soul Coaching service.

How To Prepare For Your Consultation

This is an opportunity for you to openly communicate and receive Intuitive Insight, Answers, and Advice…To Your Life Questions, from the Unseen, Spirit, Source, & Symphony.

Ensuring you are in a place free from all distractions cannot be over emphasized. 

You are invited to provide, in advance of your Intuitive Consultation, any specific questions, issues, or areas of concern you desire Intuitive Wisdom and Guidance on, however, it is not required.

You may also wish to assemble and provide photos of individuals you are seeking Intuitive Guidance on prior to and/or during your Intuitive Consultation.

Lastly, enter your Intuitive Consultation with an open heart and mind, ready to receive.

Consultation Notes & Recording

All Intuitive Consultations and Multi-Session Soul Coaching Sessions are recorded for your future personal use and reference and are emailed to you for download.

A PDF document of your Intuitive Consultation Notes, along with any supporting links, documents, and other elements will also be emailed to you.

In any manner of recording, you acknowledge and agree that said recording(s) are for your personal use only and may not be re-produced, distributed, distributed for profit, made public or utilized in any media purposes, without express written approval by DearJames LLC.

Satisfaction Guarantee - Confidentiality

While incredibly rare, if in the early stages of your Intuitive Consultation or Soul Coaching session you feel you are not resonating with the Intuitive Information being provided to you, please say so immediately. Every effort will be made to convey the Intuited Information received in a manner that resonates with you. If we are not able to simply work through the matter or reschedule the Intuitive Consultation for an alternate mutually agreed upon date and time, DearJames LLC will refund your purchase either partially or in full, based on the specifics of each individual circumstance. Please note however that should you wait too long into the Intuitive Consultation to express either dissatisfaction and/or not express any dissatisfaction, no refund will be made. All information disclosed and discussed during any Intuitive Consultation | Multi-Session Soul Coaching service is private and confidential and will never be conveyed to any third party without your express approval and permission.

Reschedule - Cancellation

Should you need to reschedule or cancel your Intuitive Consultation | Multi-Session Soul Coaching Session for any reason, please provide written notification via email 72-hours in advance.

This is a courtesy to other individuals that may be wait-listed.

When you provide the required 72-hours advance notice, and we cannot find another mutually agreed upon consultation time for you, or you simply wish to cancel your purchase entirely, a full refund of your purchase will be provided.

However, should you not provide the required 72-hours advance notice of your desire to cancel and reschedule or refund your unused Intuitive Consultation or Multi-Session Soul Coaching Package purchase entirely, your purchase will be deemed non-refundable and payment for said services rendered fulfilled.

In any event, every effort will be made to work with you as your patronage is greatly appreciated.

Disclaimer: Intuitive Consultations are for informational and entertainment purposes only and should never take the place of professional medical, legal, financial, psychological, and/or other professional services. DearJames LLC accepts no liability or responsibility for any action taken and/or not taken by an individual.