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Focusing On My Love Life


I’m focusing on my love life and want to know if I’m making right choices or wait.


Dear Focusing On My Love Life,

Patience is a virtue, or so the saying goes.

At issue here is the need for more information. More concrete facts. Not everything you need to know has risen or come to the surface yet. While you are somewhere between wedding bells and runaway bride, you need to hold your horses a wee bit longer, to know for certain that all is as you believe it to be.

Upcoming events will give you not only a glimpse, but a front row seat-view into whether this choice is the “right one” for you.

Know that these events are neither positive nor negative in nature. They are simply divine and neutral opportunities your soul chose to experience. To KNOW, we must experience life. Should things present you with challenge(s), remember to breathe. That will allow you to remain calm and centered. It will afford you greater clarity and stability. Discernment is key as you navigate your way forward.

Also remember to maintain a greater level of conscious awareness. From this heightened perch you will not mislead or be misled. Ultimately, all will turn out exactly as is intended, based upon your choices and the purity of your intentions that informed them. Always be clear about your intentions, as they are the foundation of your life experiences.

Should your intentions be impure and/or misaligned, be willing to immediately course correct and choose differently. Only you know the purity of your intentions. There are no mistakes in life, only the choices we made along the way.

Listen to and lead with your soul, and all will be more than fine in your world.