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What The Future Holds


I’m due May 6th and I’m having a baby girl. My pregnancy has been very stressful, and I’m all-alone: meaning no baby daddy and none of my family. I guess I just want to know what the future holds for me, and my baby girl?


Dear What The Future Holds,

The gift of life is precious.

This fact is made ever more certain when you have the privilege and honor of loving and caring for another soul. Recognize that this soul comes to you whole and complete, filled with hope for the future you share.

She has chosen you just as you have chosen her.

In that, both the opportunities and blessings you each wish to co-create are made manifest. Love yourself. Love her. With all your being, know that every challenge and triumph has been masterfully orchestrated by the divine. Your souls have chosen wisely and brilliantly.

Do not be afraid to lean upon one another for that is what your souls agreed to do. She has chosen wisely. She has chosen to learn, love, and live with you. Each of you whole and complete. Each contributing to the other what their soul desires to share.

Cherish every moment of this relationship, this mother, daughter, family experience. Be both wise and humble, grateful, and open to receive. Live in the truth that there are no mistakes. Every experience is purposeful. And with each other, your souls will continue to expand, evolve, and grow.

LIVE IN JOY of the choice before you. There is much to celebrate as abundance from the Universe abounds. While having a partner and family to support and assist you can be helpful, it can also be a challenging. You need not agonize or despair for again, you souls have chosen this exact experience. It is purposeful, so allow it to be.

Each day is a new day, a new opportunity to discover all that you already are…LOVE. Be that love for her. Be that love for yourself. BE, and all will be fine. What you put out into the world is already coming back to you a thousand-fold. May a thousand adventures and more await you. Adventures of a lifetime each of your souls came to live.

It’s going to be great!