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Trust That Feeling


Always trust that feeling in your gut and head.


Dear Trust That Feeling,

I couldn’t agree with you more.  When spirit speaks, we are all wise to listen.

And spirit speaks to each of us continually in a dizzying array of magical and mundane ways, not the least of which is by that feeling in your gut, head, and being.

Tuning into that channel, heeding its messages, moving yourself to act or not act simple explanation fails to do it justice.

It is of such a personal nature and directive for each individual soul that the generality of the given gift is universal, however the answers are not.

Each of us is a conduit or vessel of the divine, each imparting individual messages to contribute to and make up the collective whole.

No one should ever substitute their own distinct soul-source / spirit voice(s) / guidance for those of another.  As to do so relinquishes not only your power and empowerment but also your innate responsibility.  Culpability nevertheless always remains constant.

By discerning what resonates with you, while discarding that which does not, you propel your own evolution, empowerment, and soul-crafted destiny.

To assist others, when asked, is noble.  To do so without invitation is intrusive and judgmental.

To every listener or reader out there, Trust That Feeling In Your Gut, Head, Being, Your Soul-Source Connection as it is indeed The Unseen (God – Source – Spirit – Angels – Guides – et al) speaking to you.

It is your True North, Your Inner Compass, Your Oneness with the All That Is.

And for that there is no substitute.