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Stand By Me


Will my health problems change and will my spouse stand by me? My children worry me, will they achieve in life?


Dear Stand By Me,

Life is a series of choices. What you choose both defines and determines your experiences. By choosing a new path, you co-create new opportunity. Opportunity that reverberates out into the cosmos the positivity of your choices. Understand this, know this, embrace this, live this, and the rest will fall into place effortlessly and easily for you.

“Stand by me” is the call the Divine has whispered to all humanity for millennia. Unity with the Divine opens us to a whole new world of being.

You need not worry about the outcome of all these things, as the outcome will always be divine, neutral, and for everyone’s highest and best. In that, you can turn your focus away from worry and the attempt to control and manage the outcome to empowering yourself through your full faith and trust in the Divine.

The life you experience is the life you envision. What you believe you experience. Allow divine will to lead you. Co-create the life you envision free from worry, lack, and dis-ease by choosing it. Allow the limitless abundance of life to flourish within you.

This alone will alter your life, your DNA, your emotional, ethereal, astral, and physical bodies. A welcome remedy for all that ails you. Mind over matter. Faith over fear. This is your path, your golden ticket, your raison d’etre. Follow its lead. Practice its principals. Become the living embodiment of its many possibilities.

You hold the Golden Ticket in your hands; what will you choose to do with it?