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Scared And Anxious


My husband received a promotion at work, and we are about to move across the country. I am excited about this new adventure but also scared and anxious at the same time.

We have always had family around us that we could fall back on if we needed the support and I have never lived without my family close by. In one way I am excited to get away from all the drama, yet I am also scared of being alone. I am extremely shy and don’t make friends easily. I have social anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic attacks. I am being treated but haven’t quite found the right combination of meds to control my anxiety.

Do you have any advice or insight that could help me?


Dear Scared And Anxious,

Know that each step along your journey brings you closer to home. A greater acceptance of self, oneness, and wholeness. Often, for us to truly grow and evolve, we must be taken out of our comfort zone and placed in a position or circumstance that forces us to grow, to open ourselves more fully.

There is beauty in all aspects of life and living when we allow it.

Science affirms the entire cosmos is in a constant state of effortless motion, growth, expansion and contraction, evolution, and change. We need only surrender ourselves to this same fundamental truth to experience its innate wisdom and transformation.

With your known anxiety disorders, be proactive not reactive in your approach to this relocation / life change. Commit to practices that calm and soothe your mind, body, and spirit, restoring balance as you settle into your new life and environment. Be open to investigating alternative remedies, practices, doctors/practitioners, and the like both in your new area as well as worldwide via the internet.

This is not to say that those who have assisted you prior have not served you well or are not worthy of keeping. Rather, with this life change, it is an opportunity to see what new and/or alternate remedies and possibilities may be available to you. Movement moves things, it moves our energy and awareness. It opens doors of discovery for those so inclined to walk through them.

See this move as a great adventure to rediscover yourself as well as discover your new surroundings.  There will be plenty of people to walk and talk and grow with, so work on allowing them in one-by-one, slowly, and steadily. Build the trust you seek within yourself. Soul, meet ego-mind-personality. Ego-mind-personality, meet soul.

Should any experience feel overwhelming, simply stop and check-in with yourself, your soul-self. Make the differentiation between what your ego-mind-personality may be saying or screaming and what your soul knows to be true. Recognize the difference between them and then reassure your ego-mind-personality that you are safe, and that your soul knows The Way. If you need to pull back, do so. However, don’t decline to engage new people, places, and things unnecessarily.

Eventually your anxieties will fall away, or at a minimum become far more manageable, as you find the right combination of remedies. Where west meets east and medication(s), therapy, holistic therapies, nutritional/dietary adjustments, exercise, energy work and the like all play a role.

And know that fear is simply a form of energy. Utilize the positive energy of fear as a catalyst to propel you forward. The shadow side of fear immobilizes. However, as President Kennedy famously said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” Once you see fear from this perspective, you will see fear for the cosmic genius it is, an instrument of change.

Take each moment as it comes. Be open to new people, places, and things. Talk through any fear you may experience. See and interact with life from this new, more enlightened, and empowered perspective. Embrace the change you are co-creating. Go ahead, you’ve got this, you’re divine you know!