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Highest Good


I’m not sure what is going on with my young adult son. Why is he choosing his current path? How can I support his growth for the highest good?


Dear Highest Good,

There are no mistakes in life. Every act and experience are purposeful, no matter how challenging it is to bear witness to and, furthers one’s soul growth and evolution. Thus, ones higher good is served in all acts of expression irrespective of its purported “negative” or “positive” nature.

Only our judgment of a person, place, thing, or experience colors it so. By virtue of universal law, all things are ultimately divine and neutral on a soul level. Removing judgment allows us to see the deeper value, purpose, and arch present in every life event, experience, challenge, triumph, and opportunity.

We often reject what is being mirrored to us, especially when it is uncomfortable for us, and we do not like what we see. The trick is to remain open, in nonjudgment, so we consciously allow everything to fully flower and present itself. To look inward and discern what is ours and what is another’s. While some paths may be downright painful to bear witness to and experience, the value of their true purpose lies beyond the rush to judgment or condemnation expressed on the surface. What occurs may take days, months, years, or even lifetimes to unfold and flower.

What divine gifts of wisdom, growth, and evolution lie within each experience or expression? Who are we to judge?

Engage your son in discussion without judgment or expectation. Listen to his answers, reticence, and/or silence as each will provide you with a portion of the whole. Do not seek to protect your image or accountability at the expense of attacking and dismantling his. Rather, remain open so you may both receive what is truly on offer, no matter how painful the process may be.

His truth may not be your truth, accept that. On a soul level, there is a shared agreement to experience what is occurring: each having agreed to play a role for the other’s benefit, dharma, and karma. Guide him by honoring his sovereignty without abandoning yours. Agree to disagree where you must as you remain open to receive what may be masked and/or hidden. In time all will reveal itself.

Offer him a way out, up, or forward while also allowing him to make his own choices. Again, your choices may not be his choices, and that must be respected. Seek to understand him as you would desire others to understand you. All Souls wish to be “seen” and “heard,” and acts of compassion, compromise, and commitment benefit all parties.

Ultimately, only acts of love, both of self and others, truly leads to transcendence. Love your son and yourself unconditionally and see where this journey of self-discovery leads you. It will indeed be for his and your highest good even when it doesn’t readily appear to be the case.