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Want My Life Back


For the past four months I have had troubles swallowing food and drink, resulting in a weight loss of 34kg in three months. I now have the fear I will choke and cannot stand the feel of the food texture in my throat. I have been to a General Practitioner and had a camera down my throat, with nothing showing any problems. I have since had hypnosis for the problem, which has helped a little, but I’m still not eating solid foods.

What is causing this? I am beginning to resent the problem. Please help. I am at my wits end and want my life back the way it was four months ago.


Dear Want My Life Back,

On a subconscious level, fear of failure and death are at the root of your situation. Constricting your life force, your nourishment and sustenance, are ways which your physical body mirrors your emotional one.

A belief that you will not succeed, or success will evade you, is triggering this dilemma. Literally, this subconscious belief is “choking the life out of you.”

There are far deeper reasons as to why these age-old idioms exist as they speak profound truths. Trails and breadcrumbs left by your mother are at the center of your belief system, or the lack thereof. Early childhood was not overly kind to you, and subconsciously you are holding onto these deeply troubling experiences.

While hypnosis can be beneficial, you would be wise to engage the services of either a professional therapist and/or a reputable Past Life Regression practitioner.

The mind and body work in mysterious ways to express what the soul chose to experience, its dharma, karma, and continued evolution.

A recent large-scale event or opportunity, one that you feared you could or would lose or would “mess up on,” triggered this fear, this anxiety. Be willing to revisit the past to discern the present, without remaining or becoming mired in it. The past is a window one may look upon but not remain.

Releasing the traumas will release the tension and constriction in your throat chakra, literally the seat of your voice.

What will emerge will be of far greater quality and purity than just a “return to what was four months ago.” You will, along this journey of self-discovery, find yourself, your voice, your survival, your inherent ability to SUCCEED.

With that, whatever the task from that point onward, you will know how to make lemonade out of lemons and no longer fear success or failure, the future or the past, or anything else in between.