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I Had A Dream


I had a dream about my mom and stepfather’s apartment exploding. I saw liquid on the floor. Then all of a sudden, in my dream, I saw their apartment exploding. I saw my mom and stepfather on a stretcher with a white sheet covering them. They were dead. Is this a future event? If so, when will it happen? I am terrified that it is going to happen.


Dear I Had A Dream,

Some believe the “dream state” is the real reality, while the reality in which we live is the “manufactured state.” Endless questions abound regarding what we know and don’t know about our Universe, how it operates, and the many galaxies and realms beyond it.

Premonitions, which is what you fear this dream represents, do indeed exist, however, that is not the same as witnessing and experiencing such a scenario in your dream state. Vivid dreams are not in and of themselves a premonition of what’s to come. They can be, however, it is more the exception not the rule.

Conversely, the dream state can present various possibilities or probabilities of alternate realms and/or subconscious beliefs not fully expressed in our physical, 3-D realm. Thus, feelings you may subconsciously have about or towards your stepfather may be influencing your dream state.

A domineering, controlling or oppressive nature being demonstrated by your stepfather can cause feelings of separation, harm, anxiety, and loss toward you and your mother. Equally, this dream can be a bleed-through from a former incarnation: an event and experience that occurred in a former lifetime.

Dream analysis is a method you can discern the underlying and/or greater message contained within any given dream. In this instance, there is a stronger sense that this dream represents your deeper held feelings of resentment with and towards your stepfather and your hidden concerns about the dynamic between him and your mother’s relationship.

Investigate these feelings without becoming attached to them. By being willing to investigate the tie between your subconscious feelings and your dream of loss and death, you can understand and come to terms with its true meaning and purpose more clearly.

There is a greater propensity that this dream represents your internal fears surrounding loss, death, and separation, and your overall concern for your mother, than it does being an actual premonition of future events. Listen quietly to your inner voice as it holds “the” truth. Truth that will allow you to resolve and release these subconscious fears and no longer be terrified.