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Am I Going To Make It Through


Am I going to make it through what’s going on in my life now?


Dear Am I Going To Make It Through,

Often the road less travelled requires more of you, takes longer to navigate, and when mired knee deep in the journey, is hard to see the progress you’ve already made let alone see the light at the end of the tunnel, the finish line.

Will you make it through what’s going on in your life now, ABSOLUTELY!!! Will you face additional hurdles and/or obstacles along the way, yes. Will you overcome these issues with ease and benefit, yes.

The best way to make it through is to take a big step back and bear witness to all you have already gone through, achieved, and overcome. Give yourself a pat on the back. Reward yourself in some form or fashion. Celebrate you. Recognize how little there really is left to do.


Break up your routine. Breathe new life into your journey day by day moment by moment. Each of these simple acts will go a long way in revitalizing you, your life force, your energy, your outlook, and ultimately your perspective. And that, most of all, is what needs inspiration and change to successfully make it across the finish line. 

Success is assured. See it. Feel it. Claim it. For it is the journey you chose.