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Manifesting What We Really Desire


We are thinking of expanding our home-based business. Is it a good idea to do so?

And a question about praying/prayers. What’s the best way to pray? Is there a specific entity to pray to like the Catholic Saints or God/Source, or is praying just manifesting what we really desire?


Dear Manifesting What We Really Desire,

Yes, it is a good idea to expand your home-based business, however, both of the following idioms apply: Slow and steady wins the race and the early bird gets the worm.

Do not over expand, expand beyond your capabilities, or expand too quickly. Your expansion needs to be based and built upon measured, calculated, risk versus growth assessments, not pie in the sky, flash in the pan, growth, sales, and revenue expectations.

Taking on too much too quickly will kill the endeavor just as easily as stifling its growth. There’s a happy medium to be achieved here as you steadily increase your output and performance, while coming to terms with what in the long run makes this endeavor fulfilling, fun, and worthy of the effort.

Too many times the mistake people make in business is expanding too quickly without proper infrastructure and support. Think financial, emotional, administrative, creative, etc., thus dooming the entire enterprise. By earnestly applying yourselves in a consistent manner, growth and success will steadily be achieved and experienced.

There’s no time like the present, so begin your expansion now.

Prayer is far more than “manifesting what we really desire.” Prayer is a conduit to the Divine. An act of unity that connects heaven and earth. Prayer offers a means to communicate with a higher power, realm, and being, the Unseen. Prayer is powerful.

Many view prayer as a one-way monologue where you convey to God, Allah, Buddha, the Unseen et al, requests and issues of concern or importance. Prayer may also encompass two-way dialogue whereby you convey and then listen and receive.

Some say prayer is when you speak to God and meditation is when you listen.

Either way, prayer, and meditation both have the power to heal, enlighten, deliver, calm, absolve, etc. To whom you pray and how often is of a personal nature and choice. What ultimately matters is that you approach both prayer and meditation from a place of purity, openness, truth, and authenticity.

The purity of both is paramount. Seek only what is in the highest and best for all involved. Leave open to the Divine, the Unseen, the means, direction, and outcome of any prayer or request. When we receive insight, wisdom, and guidance that is counter to what we had envisioned, requested, or hoped for, pierce the veil of disappointment to receive the greater truth.

Expressing gratitude through prayer is highly suggested and rewarding. It demonstrates your conscious appreciation for every blessing, gift, lesson, and opportunity already bestowed. It magnifies your being. Affirms your oneness with All That Is and reinforces your understanding of the cosmos and its most intricate design. It says to those listening, I understand how all this works.