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What Do You See


What do you see taking place in my life over the next several months?


Dear What Do You See,

Shirley MacLaine’s 1987 book title states, “It’s All in the Playing.” And “playing” suggests how one moves or dances through life. Thus, Change, Change, and more Change are expected for you.

You’ve been through a lot already, however, there’s still more to come.

It’s all been about stripping you down, or better stated, removing what no longer serves you. Hindsight is a great motivator, teacher, and revealer, so take a moment to review things objectively so you gain greater insight and perspective moving forward.

Things are never what they appear to be on the surface, let alone from an obscured or distorted perspective. To see things clearly, you must be willing to open yourself to THE TRUTH, not simply a truth or the truth we want to hear.

The expression Go with God is appropriate here, as it reminds you that we are never really the one in control of things. We are co-creators with The Master Weaver. When we surrender our attachment to an outcome, and ourselves to a higher power, suffering ceases, opportunities we never thought possible present themselves, and our perspective changes, broadens, and fills us with great peace, wisdom, and resolve.

To know thyself is to live this truth. To recognize and reclaim your innate divinity.

Keep your chin up, your mind open, your soul and spirit free, and see where this great journey leads you. You’ll never know unless you try, and that certainly trumps sitting on the sidelines watching your life pass you by.

As a hint, sunshine, sandy beaches, and lots of crashing waves and water are in your future. Perhaps you should investigate all the Sunshine State has to offer. It’s time to fly like an eagle and soar on the wings of love.