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Truth In Heaven


Has my daughter Kelly learned the truth in heaven and forgiven me?


Dear Truth In Heaven,

Yes, she has.

Eric Clapton’s 1992 song titled “Tears in Heaven” instantly began playing within me when I read your question. “Would you know my name, would it be the same, would you hold my hand, would you help me stand, if you saw me in heaven?”

There are few words, if any, that adequately address the loss of a child. Precious gifts from the creator, entrusted to our care, and yet whole and complete souls-beings upon arrival. The dynamic between parent and child is an immediate two-way street of reciprocity.

The beauty in this realization is the understanding that as whole and complete beings, you both chose one another, your shared experience, and the greater lessons it affords and teaches. It is a fact of life that all life is Divine. Thus, that which you seek now was granted and exchanged before the two of you ever incarnated into this lifetime. It cannot be any other way, as all of life is Divine and neutral. It is only our judgment of them that colors them differently.

No matter what befell her at your hand, your hand was in accordance with the divine plan you each co-created. What turmoil, anguish, and lessons have stemmed from it, what learning, healing, and transcendence? Forgiveness is born of innocence: each a part of the other’s greater journey of self-expression and experience.

When you do see her again in heaven, know that she will know your name, and she will embrace you with open arms, for you will both have successfully completed your journey HOME. Arriving to a place where all is loving, pure, innocent, and Divine.