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Past Life Experiences


In what direction am I headed and how do my past life experiences affect my current situations?


Dear Past Life Experiences,

Having bitten off more than you can chew, you are now in the process of assessing your mistakes aka choices, taking stock of where things stand and discerning what role you wish to play in any future endeavors.

Over achievers rarely take time to reflect on the cause and effect of their endeavors and choices as they are too busy creating new ones. In their rush to achieve and conquer all, they find that they’ve misplaced the one thing they’re in desperate need of, themselves.

Fear of Failure, rooted in the residue of former incarnations, has played a hand in your current situation. However, to cast blame would be to waste vast amounts of precious time and energy, as everything is divine, neutral, and purposeful. Learn from your mistakes aka choices by reviewing them in earnest.

What was your motivation?  What was your intention. What did you “know” but failed to heed and listen to?

Reflecting on the past and your past patterns offers you a fresh perspective and opportunity to navigate differently moving forward. Remember, the past is a guide, not a place you reside. Stay present. Tap the past for clues, understanding, and information, and then proceed with this wisdom and insight.

Gone are the days when you will worry about what others may think or if your purported successes are successful enough. Living one’s life for oneself, soul-self, is the ultimate prize…definition of success.

You need not be bound by circumstance or class, selfishness, or selflessness, you need only walk in alignment and attunement with your soul. Empowered by the purity of this connection, you bear witness to and experience how your past lives are in service to your current incarnation.

A greater depth of self emerges, merging the past into the present, which informs the future. Soon enough, friend and foe alike will see and feel your transformation, your transcendence. The transformation you envisioned, trusting its direction was both apparent and already known to you.

For only when your heart is fully open does your ego-mind-personality truly see.