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Trying To Stay Positive


What do I need to do to find a job (that is right for me)?  I have been unemployed for several months and have not been able to get a job, even though I have applied for dozens.  I am completely out of resources and money from all sources, unable to pay my rent or bills. I am very worried but trying to stay positive, and trying to clear all negative beliefs, etc.


Dear Trying To Stay Positive,

Forcing an issue never helps the situation, in fact, it makes it worse.

Currently you’re at odds with what you really want to do and what is currently on offer or available to you. As these two positions are drastically opposed to one another, opportunities that may have led to greener pastures later are being passed by now.

Broaden your scope and search for a position while at the same time opening yourself to the reality that rarely do we walk a straight line to our desired destination. Often the Universe will hold you in place or block you, not to diminish and defeat you but rather so that you don’t make the wrong move, choice, or action even though it’s what you believe you really need, want, and/or desire.

Try stepping back from the situation to gain greater clarity and perspective. Like many, having your face pressed too close to the glass, you are unwittingly restricting your view. Allow this new perspective – vantage point to permeate your consciousness.

Think Less. Feel More.

And by feel, one doesn’t mean “from the head.”  You’re already in your head too much allowing all that you currently face to repeat manifesting feelings of fear and failure. By forcing yourself into a receptive state of listening, you open the channel to your Higher Self, your soul-source connection, your limitless state of knowing and abundance.

From this grounded and calm state of connected awareness all will and can be revealed to you. Make this connection and way of listening a priority in your life. Make time to connect, listen, and act in accordance with the insights you receive. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone, especially when a “knowing” presents itself and you may not be able to see down and around the corner.

There is more at play here than meets the eye, and you are meant to move or relocate to truly free yourself from this situation and begin anew. Contemplate this information with openness as the answer to your questions…prayers. See it for the opportunity it is knowing you leave the “how” up to the Unseen.

You need only Say Yes, and then actively align your entire being and every thought, action, belief, and step with this higher guidance-decision. The sooner you surrender yourself to the possibilities, the sooner your new star will rise.