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Open His Heart


Will DD Sr. open his heart and allow his feelings for me to grow?


Dear Open His Heart,

The fastest way to a broken heart is by ignoring all the well-placed signs along your path.

There is a lot of inner pain going on here, on both sides of the aisle, so-to-speak. One must be willing to love him/herself before they are truly capable of loving another, and in this instance, he’s just not there yet.

No matter how hard you try, there always appears to be another thorn in your side you are not able to avoid. From incessant jealousy to ever-increasing nonchalant communications, something always keeps him from being fully present and committed.

Deep down you already know this, you simply have yet to stop pursuing your self-inflicted crusade, choosing instead to believe that all the pain, heartache, and disappointment is or will be somehow worth it in the end.

However, that’s exactly where you’ve ended up…The End.

Great empowerment is created when you choose to move forward with grace, dignity, empathy, and compassion. Both for yourself and others. You need not despair in any way as this experience has taught you valuable lessons and afforded you limitless gifts.

Renew your battered soul and ego by taking the high road. Engage the new opportunities that are presenting themselves in your life. However, remember the lessons of your most recent past so you do not repeat them in the present / future.

Your self-worth soars when you stand in the fullness of your own light, your truest value, and the immense treasure held within. As the film character Forest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” And while that may be true, you can certainly do your best to fill your box with only the finest chocolates life has to offer.