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I'm About to Settle


I’m about to settle a court case that’s gone on for 7 and a half years, will it be in my favor? Plus, my children and grandson live in the US and I’m in Australia, will I stay in Australia? In this city?


Dear I'm About To Settle,

It appears the case has already been settled, and for the most part…in your favor.

Sure, there are things that could have been better, however, all in all, you fair well, or at the very least decently. Remember, not every case is decided on the merits or all the facts. Often times elements of the case slip through the cracks as adjudicators weigh the totality of the case before them.

The greater gift or lesson here is the conscious awareness of never needing to repeat this type of experience again…at least not in this lifetime, wink – wink. Place the past firmly behind you and look to the western skies where your future lies. If you haven’t moved already, you will be doing so soon enough.

As desire and destiny converge, you’ll find yourself facing the ultimate challenges of relocation and renewal. Your soul is speaking to you; you need only listen, and then proceed accordingly. And while the “how’s can certainly get in your way, why not turn those over to a higher power while focusing on the tasks before you. The tasks you are in control of.

Navigating the future requires we learn from our past, lest we repeat it, dragging it along with us. There is much water under the bridge, and that is where it is best left. You’ll know where you are going once you get there. In the meantime, practice faith, patience, and discernment while loosely holding the reins in your hands.

Bon Voyage et Bon Vie