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It Saddens Me So


My father has been sick for a very long time and is in continual discomfort, pain, with no real quality of life. I’m wondering if he is holding on because he is scared to pass. The doctors are in shock that he is still with us. My mom is so tired, and she does everything she can for him.

They both live with me, and I see her upset and don’t know what to do. I want to be able to help my dad know it’s going to be ok, and if he needs to pass, we understand.

I would just like to know if he will pass soon or be in less pain and suffering. It worries and saddens me to see him this way.


Dear It Saddens Me So,

The illusion of death has been with us since the dawn of time.

Within this illusion we witness and experience what each soul intends. This is not to say that we do not experience death and suffering for we do. However, the real value in the experience of either is in what we learn, what we take with us. For each soul, what we receive is different. However, receive we do.

In these circumstances it is often hard to understand another soul’s journey. What did their soul say it would experience. What will their soul receive through this experience. What will another soul playing their role receive. What is the greater takeaway for each.

There is great value in what each of your souls chose to experience through this transition. Allow your being to focus its energies there, where the true gold resides. By shifting your focus to see through and beyond the pain that resides on the surface, you connect at a far deeper and greater level with your loved ones. You pierce the veil of illusion.

The “dying” are quite frank in their interactions. Pressed for time, they communicate deep purity and truth. Uninhibited, they reveal their soul, their story, their truths. Listen intently to the wisdom that spills forth. See the signs and synchronicities not the suffering. Do so without judgment as each soul knows its time.

In truly seeing your father, you afford him greater peace and transition.

While your mother is weary and depleted by this experience, she is also secretly reluctant to let him go. Help her to see that death is an illusion. It is a portal through which his eternal soul travels. Having released the physical form, the soul fashioned; the soul carries on anew. Ever-present. Ever changed. Discarnate to incarnate and back again.

The more at peace you are with all that is on offer, the more you assist him to experience what his soul wishes to impart before he passes. Know that he will pass peacefully, once his soul has discerned all is in “right” order.

In giving, we receive.

Give him the blessings of your soul’s wisdom so you may receive the bounty of his. Priceless gifts of eternal love, light, and life.