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In The Same Boat


Like many on the West Coast, I’m dealing with leaks from all of our rain this winter. And because the leaks are coming from the building walls (so under the HOA’s control), I can’t just go fix the cracks myself. For me, in my current home, it has been a recurring issue spanning years.

Why have I created this situation & what do I need to do to resolve it?

In The Same Boat

Dear In The Same Boat,

Our external manifestations are a direct representation of our internal ones.

External manifestations include our place of residence, vehicle(s), place of employment, wardrobe, anything that externally identifies you and your status or state of being. Routine maintenance, whether physical or non-physical in nature, is key to maintaining the overall longevity, value and vitality of any structure or vessel.

Everything is energy, and like all things, is subject to the effects of change created by energy, emotions, time, natural elements and conditions, and our attention or lack thereof to their overall condition and state of being.

A beautiful garden, home, and yard can quickly become overrun with undesirable elements when left unattended. The same is true for all physical and non-physical creations including the ego-mind-personality, body, soul, and spirit. As this is an ongoing, recurring issue, it speaks to deferred and/or ignored maintenance and care. It speaks to the need for a vigilant, proactive, commitment, and consciousness in both facing and rectifying issues of imbalance, neglect, and disharmony.

It’s not enough to simply exist or cross your fingers and hope that everything turns out okay or maintains itself. You must take responsibility for and actively co-create your life on a continual basis. Constantly addressing and fine-tuning the energies to maintain a peaceful, picture-perfect garden.

Note the difference between actively co-create your life versus neglect or control it. To attempt to control one’s life leaves one feeling more depleted, out of balance, and defeated, as it is an exercise in futility. When one ignores life, it places one on the receiving end of experiencing the repercussions of an ignored life. Whereas, to co-create one’s life, you are in constant reciprocity and synergy with your soul, your soul-source connection, and the All That Is.

This harmony and heightened connectivity, awareness, and proactive energy unite to empower and enrich you, and thus your overall life experience. It is an excellent way to experience life with greater peace and harmony.

Whether it is your HOA, your specific abode, your life, your physical vessel, or the whole kit and caboodle, the moral of the story is to take a more positive and proactive role in the co-creation of your life. Face what ails you. Face the necessary healing and remediation. Embrace change and all the beautiful opportunities it delivers right to your doorstep.

Be fearless in facing what needs your attention, what needs to be addressed, knowing you already have within you all that you require. Overcoming and transcending any issue (aka opportunity) rests upon the choices we make. Informed, proactive, step-by-step choices.

Trust that each life step, choice, and move is far easier to discern and act upon when made from a willing, open, and connected state of being. Remove the obstacles, enjoy the rewards. For like Noah and the Ark, you will experience renewed peace, sunshine, and limitless new opportunities in life, you just have to be willing to choose to co-create them.