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Turn My Life Around


I have had a string of bad luck and can’t seem to catch a break.

My mother died about 7 years ago. I had a lawsuit that was sure to win, and the lawyer at the last minute decided not to take it to court due to lack of evidence, after going through six years of collecting evidence.

I have an ex that lives with me who is the father of my children that is addicted to almost everything, and is horrible with money. I have another man in my life that is also an addict, alcoholic, and pretty sure is a narcissist.

I can’t seem to get ahead in my financial situation no matter what I do. I am not happy in my life. I don’t enjoy anything anymore. I just need to know what is causing all this madness, and how I can turn my life around for the better.


Dear Turn My Life Around,

At the root of what ails you is a string of bad decisions based upon low self-esteem and a lack of self-value, and self-worth.

Take a long hard look at the men in your life, from the attorney to the ex, to the other man, to as far back as you can remember. They share a common denominator, you, and the life choices you make. While this may be harsh, the reality is you keep making the same choice expecting a different result.

You are attracted to winning; however, you keep selecting a losing hand. Flawed characters that mirror a get rich quick / everything is free in life energetic. Each is reflecting to you what drew them to you in the first place, your internal association to and with lack.

Like attracts like. Energy either attracts or repels itself to other energy depending upon its vibration and resonance. Like in the scientific example where some magnets forcefully snap together as one while others cannot be forced together no matter how hard you try, you keep attracting a certain form of energy.

To change the form of energy you attract, you must first change your energy. Change the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that inform and create the energies you emit and draw back to you. How do you do that you ask? You begin by rewriting the stories, scripts, and truths or lies you tell yourself. You distance yourself from anyone and anything that does not reinforce the energetic octave you wish to be and live. You take the necessary steps to change you.

Review every person, place, and thing in your life. If it is of a lower vibration, with great care and respect, wish it well, set it free, and move away from it. Continue this same process of review and elimination with your words, thoughts, statements, actions, beliefs, etc., so you become hyper-conscious of your State of Being. Instantly recognize and auto correct any limiting thought, belief, or expression made by you.

Commit to this new way of being, this life-altering course correction. That, coupled with responsible choice and action, will deliver you from a string of “bad luck” to a run of great abundance and prosperity. A way of life representative of the one you say you want.