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Freaking Me Out


My husband and I have been divorced for about three years. He lives 1,000 miles away. I have not seen or spoken to him since the day the divorce was final. There is nothing in my home that belongs to him.

Here’s where things get weird. All through the day today I have smelled his scent. Not a cologne scent, but the scent of his body. Can you tell me how this can be? It’s freaking me out!


Dear Freaking Me Out,

By their given nature, scents are sensory.

They trigger our memory bank of associated experiences, good, bad, or otherwise. In your case, his scent is a reminder of what lingers in your life, what has been left undone, incomplete, etc.

Just because he is no longer “physically” a part of your life and environment doesn’t mean his essence isn’t still present within your conscious and subconscious. His higher self / over soul, in agreement with yours, literally transmits his scent through the unseen as a reminder for you to address and transcend what remains unfinished between you.

While this experience can be jarring and unsettling, it is actually a gift from the beyond.

The Unseen’s sole-soul mission is to assist you. To remind you of what each soul agreed to experience, resolve, and transcend in this lifetime. Holding onto hurt, anger, resentment, and other buried feelings leaves the unresolved to fester and spoil within. Eradicating someone from your life and space through divorce doesn’t mean you’ve truly moved on; it just means you’ve addressed the legal-physical aspects of the union.

Still left to deal with are the mental and emotional aspects of the relationship and what is truly on offer from your shared experience. Take this opportunity to see every aspect of this relationship from a new and deeper perspective. Go below the surface to see the role each of you played for the other and yourself. Discover the many hidden gifts contained within the entirety of this relationship; from start to finish, divorce to starting over.

When you can look back with gratitude at every aspect of your shared experience, and say Thank You, and truly mean it, you will have truly experienced and received the lesson(s) and transcended them. You will have earnestly collected the pearls of wisdom that your, yours and his, souls planned and intended.

You will have set yourself free. Free to experience, love, laughter, life & JOY again without hesitation, reservation, or illusion. Talk about “freaked out” in the best possible way.