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I Need Some Answers


My husband passed recently. We still don’t know the cause of death or why the findings are taking so long. However, my daughter-in-law’s sister had a dream about my husband where he states, “hey I am ok, but I am sick.” Then he walked into a house and closed the door.

What does that mean? Was he actually sick and didn’t tell anyone? I want to know what happened to him. I need some closure and this waiting is killing me.


Dear I Need Some Answers,

Your husband worked with his hands, or so it appears. He was handy around the house even if he didn’t always share your enthusiasm for household projects. Never a dull moment or a clown, he lived his life with purpose and integrity. A loving, kind, gentle soul, a gentle-giant if-you-will.

That said, the entering of the house and closing the door behind him in the dream was a way he was able to convey to all of you that he is okay and is moving forward. He has an affinity for houses or the house you shared, and what it represents, family, home, security, etc., as chose it as his visual backdrop.

It’s not that he is not with you, it simply signals that one chapter of his being has ended, while another begins. I’m seeing cardiovascular issues along with or stemming from hypertension, borderline diabetes, and severe or chronic liver malfunction or abnormalities, like cirrhosis. The culmination of these symptoms took a toll on his overall wellbeing while hiding just under the radar so-to-speak.

Your husband was aware of some of the effects of these ailments, even though he wasn’t aware of the actual ailments or issues themselves. In essence, he would occasionally experience the effects of these ailments, but didn’t associate them with anything serious or take them seriously.

I sense his passing was sudden and unexpected as though he was gone before he hit the pavement. The use of this expression is because it appears as though he lost consciousness and fell, or dropped, and passed rather suddenly.

Ultimately, he is sending you signs of salutation, meaning greetings, and is showing me a rather large, beautiful white dove. A sign he is at peace and is making his way through the hierarchy of heaven.

“May you feel his presence from time to time, and may his light shine eternal, like that of external entry sconces, illuminating your path for all to see.” His words delivered as received.