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I Believe In Karma


My whole life I’ve been severely abused and neglected. I was raped and molested in my teens and most all of my family died pretty young. It seems I’ve not been truly happy. I believe in karma and think that’s why my family passed young.

When does my life path truly become content and happy? It seems no matter what I try I run into devastation. I also suffer from Chiari Malformation, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Diabetes, and irregular blood pressure.


Dear I Believe In Karma,

The iconic 1946 film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” tells the story of what life would have been like for a desperately frustrated businessman if he had never existed, with the help of heaven and an angel.

Why should this matter to you, you ask, well, try placing yourself in the same position. What would the world be like if you had never existed? Before you answer that from your current perspective, choose instead to answer it from the perspective of your soul.

How many untold lives has your presence touched? How have others learned from your perseverance, strength, and determination in the face of countless adversities? How have you served the greater whole of humanity by carrying a perceivably heavier load/portion?

All life is precious. Yours is no less worthy than any other.

In looking at your life from a heaven sent / angelic perspective, you will see, perhaps for the very first time, the sheer divinity your soul chose to experience. Yes, you have experienced unimaginable pain, loss, hardship, and unhappiness in your life; however, it is your perception of these experiences that color them so.

To understand one’s truth, one must first be willing to see below what easily rests upon the surface. One must delve deeper to discern and discover the gold lies within. The truth not a truth. The dharma and karma playing out. The divine neutrality in every choice and experience.

As a society, we form concensus and agreements around what is right and wrong, good, and bad. And while this assists humanity to live in a manner where harmful choices are severely reduced; it does not relieve us of the cause and effect of our choices.

Everything in life is purposeful. It is incumbent upon every human being to see beyond the surface. To openly contemplate and understand their life/soul choices from this deeper perspective. To allow truth to present itself free of judgment and rejection.

Karma is the spiritual principal of cause and effect where intent and action determine the corresponding result. Karma, as a natural arbiter, renders balance, not payback or retribution. Karma is neutral by nature.

You become content and happy with your life path once you see it from this new perspective…in a new light. Your beliefs determine your experiences. Just like the main character in the film George Bailey demonstrates, to experience a transformation in life, we must first be willing to surrender our past beliefs and all that burdens us. We must be willing to see with new eyes.

Beliefs can empower and liberate or debilitate and oppress. Choose to liberate and empower yourself. Choose this awakened state of consciousness and well of opportunity. Choose to see things from a new and improved perspective.

Your karma will love you for doing so, and so will you.