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Fulfill My Destiny


What is my life purpose and gifts, and what is blocking me from developing and utilizing those gifts to fulfill my destiny?


Dear Fulfill My Destiny

To fulfill your destiny, you must first and foremost be willing to reexamine your current perceptions of the state of your life up to this point.

Every moment of your existence is purposeful and valuable.

Your life is a tapestry made up of interwoven life choices and experiences. The purpose and gift of each thread, immeasurable and priceless. If you’ve yet to realize your purpose and gifts, stop and pivot. Change the perception of where you currently stand. See all that you have experienced, learned, celebrated, and overcome through new eyes.

What has led to this moment is you. Destiny is a journey not a destination.

By understanding all that you already are, you achieve a state of wisdom, clarity, and grace. An evolving state of Being where life itself speaks to you. Life reveals. Inner knowing guides.

The only thing blocking you is you.

Wayne Dyer said, “Change the way you look at things, and things you look at change.”  Perception creates reality. Create a new reality in every present moment. Key into and connect with your soul, your soul-source connection. It will guide and inspire you in ways your ego-mind-personality never dreamed possible and may have even blocked and prevented.

Like every human being, your life purpose is to live life. Live it wholly and completely. Your talents, gifts, and challenges; expressions of the Divine. Your destiny, to return home more realized and evolved. These inalienable truths we all have the glory and privilege to experience. You need only open your heart, mind, and eyes, to experience them.

For Those With Eyes To See And Ears To Hear.

Begin there, and all will become clear to you.