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Arrival Of The Grim Reaper


I was diagnosed with a rare but indolent 4th stage lymphoma in November 2013.  Traditional medicine has nothing to offer because I am a “watch & wait”.  I have made peace with my situation and for a couple of reasons I do not wish to be healed.

What I would like to know is approximately how much time I have left on Earth because I would like to tie up some loose ends and have everything in place by then. I hope you will indulge me with this information (the month and year) and anything else you may wish to impart to me.


Dear Arrival Of The Grim Reaper,

Your soul is the sole arbiter of your transition date from incarnate to discarnate Being. This being true, you already have an inkling, a knowing, of when things will occur and approximately how much time you have to place your affairs in order.

The gift of life is precious, and we are all the wiser and richer to remember this truth. Even in our darkest of days and disappointments there is always love and light at our foundation.

Life is born of the light and returns to the light. Love, the axiom upon which the whole of the Universe is and was created.

Live your remaining days with peace, gratitude, awe, and wonder. Find, in the smallest of acts, the hand of creation at work on your behalf. Know that in your co-creation with the divine all is, was, and always will be divinely planned, executed, and experienced. Take from this wisdom inspiration and empowerment.

There truly are no mistakes in life, only divine neutrality and opportunity for soul growth, experience, and expansion. What we take with us is our experiences, our karma, both good and less than good, into our next life and those beyond it.

Do what you will to ensure that your sorrows are light, your burdens lighter, and your loves, joys, and triumphs, overflowing.

Rejoice and celebrate in the divine expression of your soul chose to journey, for when the autumn leaves turn, and the first frost of winter draws near, you will again be blessed with yet another journey, the long journey home and the soul renewal that awaits you.

May Peace Be With You.