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Will I Find My Soul Mate


Will I find my soul mate, or will I be alone?


Dear Will I Find My Soul Mate,

Life is a series of ever-changing experiences. Some last a lifetime, others a fleeting moment.

Finding one’s soul mate, while enticing, misses the point. Life is a journey. A beautiful, rich, colorful, mesmerizing, amazing, fun-filled journey of discovery when you both allow it and co-create it.

Don’t sit waiting, searching, and longing for your soul mate while you miss what is right in front of you.

You may be destined to experience a series of relationships that offer, each in their own way, all that your soul came to experience in this lifetime. The experience of being in love comes in many forms, durations, and expressions. The best thing you will ever do for yourself is to accept and embrace all forms of love as they come into your life.

Love is not to be objectified.

Love is pure, innocent, and good by nature; not harmful, vengeful, or vindictive. By searching for a soul mate, you perpetually limit or block seeing and accepting all other forms of love. Is the love of your life automatically your soul mate? Of course not, as many platonic relationships can also be classified as a soul mate.

On a cosmic level you came from love, and you will return to love. Be love in all its many facets. Accept love in all its many facets. The longest relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. This relationship sets the foundation and standard by which you experience all other relationships.

Will you find your soul mate in this lifetime, possibly. However, you will need to expand your definition of what that truly means to recognize it as such. Experiencing love period in this lifetime is far more likely, you need only choose it. And you are never alone, as your soul-source connection is your constant companion; the relationship you already have even if you don’t realize it.

Sit with this for a moment and all will effortlessly change for the better.