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Will I Be Moving Soon


Will I be moving soon and receive help?


Dear Will I Be Moving Soon,

If you haven’t moved already, you will be soon enough.

Frustration may have either kept you in place or caused you to move prematurely. That said, the true winds of change have arrived, and they will place you squarely upon the path that is meant for you.

No more listening or acquiescing to other peoples’ opinions, desires, and directives. This time around, it’s all about YOU and what YOU need, want, desire, and so forth. Assistance will come when you least expect it and in ways and forms you never dreamed imaginable.

Remain open to all the possibilities that present themselves and make decisions accordingly. Remove all forms of fear and doubt from the equation. Fear either propels you forward or immobilizes you: choose the former.

In time, you’ll come to realize how everything that has led up to this moment played a role and had to occur the way it did. We can’t always foretell our exact future; however, we can certainly learn from our past and adjust our sails accordingly. Go forth and conquer knowing the path before you is open, clear, and ready for you to soar.