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What Is Holding Me Back


What is holding me back from losing weight? I know I need to but I’m an emotional eater and cannot stop.

Feeling Stuck

Dear What Is Holding Me Back,

It literally feels as though the weight of the world is upon your shoulders.

You feel and witness more than others in life, and with that comes a lot of baggage. As an empath, a person who experiences a greater or heightened sense of external emotional energies, feelings, pressures, etc., you are prone to emotional disturbance. This can be a heavy weight-burden to carry depending on how you process and deal with this excess emotion.

Using food to satiate emotional issues and trauma is very common. We call it comfort food for a reason. It makes us feel better temporarily, however, it fails to adequately address and remedy the root issue that ails us. Your current coping mechanism is to eat; however, this only serves to compound the matter as it directly affects you in a macro way.

You may not be able to solve all the world’s problems, however, you can start by committing to resolve the ones within your control. Begin by recognizing what triggers you to emotionally eat. Write down what you are thinking and feeling each time you reach for food. Be specific and keep a journal. While this may be tedious in the beginning, it will be chockfull of valuable insight and information. Insight and information that will assist you in discerning the root cause(s) of your emotional eating.

Once you have discerned this information, utilize it, and take active steps to make healthy alternate choices in the moment. Choices that bring about a happier and more balanced you. By altering your energetic you alter the world’s energetic as we are all interconnected as one.

Utilize visualization as a tool to heal. Visualize yourself and everything you experience as being as light as a feather. Place images of feathers in your home, kitchen, car, and workplace. Play with feathers. Hold them, feel into their lightness and levity.

Retrain your brain to stop and pivot when thoughts trigger excessive food cravings. Pick up an apple in lieu of a bag of chips. Carrot sticks or almonds in lieu of sweets and snacks. Physical activity, meditation, walks in nature, and yoga, in lieu of sedentary activities. Movement matters, as the simplest physical change modifies the flow of energy. Practice and commit to stillness, mindfulness, gratitude, and meditation.

Implement portion control while also introducing higher quantities of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains per meal. Eliminate and/or highly reduce starch-based carbohydrates like potatoes, pasta, white rice, bread, high glycemic foods, and sugars/sweets. Seek professional assistance through counseling, support groups, hypnosis, past-life regression therapy, and medical-medicinal alternatives.

One or more of the above can assist you to realign your mental, physical, emotional, and astral bodies. This in turn brings about harmony, peace, love, and joy, dealing a decisive blow to emotional eating and its subsequent effects, weight gain and the inability to lose weight.

Mind over matter really is the way through here, as choice is at the center of every life experience. No fault. No blame. No mistakes. Just opportunity, choice, and fortitude.