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Leave My Past Failures


Will I grow into my true potential and leave my past failures in the past?


Dear Leave My Past Failures,

Dharma and Karma rule the human experience. An ever-spinning wheel of incarnations and experiences in the pursuit of clearing the canvas aka purifying the vessel. Think Etch-A-Sketch. Everything at a soul level is divine and neutral.  It is only our perceptions and judgments that color something positive or negative, success or failure.

Additionally, there are no mistakes in life, only choices. In every circumstance, replace the word mistake with the word choice. One doesn’t make mistakes; one makes choices. Each choice results in an associated experience and outcome. This is what is known as cause and effect.

For every action there is an equal reaction. This is basic physics. And we can always learn from our choices.

Do not leave your past “failures” aka choices in the past unless you wish to rob yourself of their true value. Release the judgment you applied to them and see them for the gift they truly are. Each experience comprises the totality of your soul’s journey; learn from them, don’t judge them.

Every life experience is purposeful.

Along the way, humans, through judgment, became accustomed to labeling everything good or bad rather than understanding and accepting its divine neutrality.

Now this doesn’t mean that each choice carries the same intensity. Choices carry the energy of the intention that informed and created them. Thus, the more harmonic or disharmonic the energy of the intention informing the choice, the more harmonic or disharmonic the experience and effect.

Again, neither good nor bad, simply cause and effect.

Thus, one can easily discern that to experience more harmonic experiences in life, one must discern the energy of the intention informing and creating each choice and proceed or adjust accordingly.

Your true potential lies in mastering this truth as even the greatest achievements, accolades, and successes are ruled by the same universal law…truth. Freeing yourself from the belief that your past is a failure unworthy of your gratitude and appreciation, allows you to become the embodiment of your highest potential.

Can you grow into your true potential, yes. You’re only a single choice away.