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Keep An Honest Guy


I would love to know why a smart, ambitious, and persistent woman like me can’t seem to keep an honest guy around.


Dear Keep An Honest Guy,

Honest guys are a dime a dozen.

Others are like pennies in a pond, not worth the effort to retrieve, let alone dry off, polish, and take home with you.

Sometimes what we say we want and what we actually pursue are two totally different things. You keep attracting helpless men that need saving, fixing, and polishing. This in turn feeds your hidden need to be in control. To be superior, while simultaneously hiding your deeper feelings of contradiction.

You want a strong man who will love, honor, and adore you, yet you also fear such a presence in your life. Kill or Be Killed! Better to fix him than be betrayed and abandoned by him, and yet that’s exactly what occurs.

That which you resist, persists.

The truth is, all you need to do is address your inner insecurities and fears about betrayal, abandonment, and control, and the rest will organically sort itself out. By getting clear about the differences between your inner and outer selves, you reconcile the discrepancies upon which your relationship choices have here-to-fore been based upon.

Resolve that, and a similarly suited mate will present himself. A mate that has staying power and matches the new you not the one that was “in need of fixing.”