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I Have A Crush


I have a crush on someone and am having a hard time getting over it. How should I handle it? I feel they may have liked me too at one point; however, I was too stubborn to show it.


Dear I Have A Crush,

The old cartoon Tom & Jerry comes to mind as you played both the cat and mouse in this situation.

It wasn’t enough to have your cake and eat it to, you wanted to ensure that before jumping ship, you had tested this person’s resolve, and commitment only to lose them before you ever revealed your interest.

This was the fly in the ointment as the old adage goes.

It appears there are many “old” sayings, adages, and examples that could apply here, because what you did was exactly that, something old and passé. The world is rapidly and dramatically changing, and the “old ways” do not and will not work anymore.

Life is becoming fully transparent and pure, where one’s intentions and actions are telepathically transmitted, received, and experienced before they ever occur. The days of illusion, subterfuge, manipulation, and ill-gotten gains are over. The last of a dying breed that is days or months away from being extinct.

What should you do to correct the situation and “get over it?” Apologize to them. Summon all the courage, grace, and humility you can muster and be transparent and honest with them. You may not gain them as a romantic interest, however, what you will gain is tremendous peace, self-respect, and self-confidence: both within and most assuredly from them.

That, at a bare minimum, will bode well for both of you moving forward.

You have paid a hefty price for your pride, stubbornness, and insecurities in the way you’ve handled the situation. The icing on the cake, the blessing, is that you will have hopefully learned from this experience and won’t easily repeat it. There is far more to gain by being forthright and honest, with purity of intention as your guide, than illusion and deceit.

So, make a wish, blow out the candles, and rise to the occasion of birthing a new and improved you. You will live to soar another day. And, as they say, this too shall pass. In the end, you’ll be all the wiser and more desirable for having experienced and transcended this most precious lesson.