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I am so lost, mentally drained, and emotionally in an uproar. I’m going to lose my house, have no job, need to pay bills and mortgage and with all this: feeling alone. No one to talk to, and those that I can, have more intense issues than I do. Not to mention insurance doesn’t pay a lot when it comes to seeing a professional. There are lots of times I don’t want to be here anymore. Help!


Dear Help!,

Protection not Rejection is your mantra for the coming months.

This is all about the continuum of change, the necessity of change, and the liberation change brings to us.

You’ve been knee deep in debt for some time now, barely treading water as everything crumbles around you.

This is an isolationist position and not an enviable one at that.

Change must occur for your own betterment and livelihood even if you don’t recognize it as such in this given moment.

Change is an essential element in our growth.  It propels us to greater heights and experiences.

It frees us from the shackles of the past so we may walk a new, richer, perhaps even lighter pathway to tomorrow.

By digging in your heels and hanging onto what was you deny yourself what has yet to be.

Take an active, positive role in the direction and development of your future and current circumstances.

Organize your affairs, donate, downsize, and give your belongings to others so you lighten your load, your burden.

Work with a realtor and your lender to either short sale your home or make the most of it by selling it outright.

With a slimmed down, streamlined advantage, begin the search within yourself for where you would like to end up.

A major helping of Permission, self-permission, is all you need to access your truest desires and thus your next destination.

A move in that direction, moves everything, as everything is energy, and you need the flow of positive energy blowing through your sails.

While change of any kind can be scary, positive change, even when seemingly wrapped in deafening defeat and fear is highly beneficial to your heart, soul, and spirit.

You will come out of this transition a winner; you need only empower yourself by embracing the journey your soul has charted and help direct the outcome.

In the end you’ll come to appreciate the many gifts that were hidden just below the surface, shrouded by your anger, fear, resentment, pain, and turmoil.

Thrive by proactively riding the winds of change to the new you and your new destination.