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Down The Right Path


I was wondering if you could tell me anything about my relationship. Will I reach all my goals in life. And am I going down the right path.


Dear Down The Right Path,

There appears to be a lot of tension going on in your household both with you internally and between the two of you. Operating from a fear-based place, you walk on eggshells a lot, attempting to control your environment and your life, and yet there is an element of co-dependency between you.

It’s time to face the music, change your course, and make all current and future choices and decisions from a more empowered place. Courage, strength, and fortitude, mixed with equal doses of humility, grace, and compromise, afford you a strong and balanced foundation from which to operate.

Face your relationship issues and deficiencies by first facing yourself.

It takes depth of character to recognize where you may need adjustment and refinement before outwardly looking at others. Be mindful not to seek in others what you must find and cultivate within yourself. They may help and assist, however, it is our responsibility to chop wood and carry water.

You are whole and complete just as you are, perfect and evolving. You are all you ever truly need in life. Everything else is in addition to, not in place of. A compliment, not a fulfillment.

Whether single or coupled, when you love yourself first, and operate from a place of purity, trust, integrity, and honesty, life truly is richer. Now, it’s not to say that the current relationship you are in won’t or can’t go the distance; it’s just in need of some serious work and repair on both your parts.

Each of you needs to find greater balance by acknowledging the elephant in the room. A fair amount of co-dependency which leads to irritation, insecurity, confrontation, and a lack of motivation is present. By demonstrating self-care and self-reliance, each of you will hone the necessary skills that reinvigorate the relationship.

This in turn reduces the pressure each of you feels, and by making these adjustments, everyone achieves a new and improved normal.  One where both of you thrive.

As to reaching your life goals and are you going down the right path; seemingly the answer is yes. However, with the caveat that, when you divert yourself down the wrong path, and you know you are doing so, stop and correct yourself immediately.

Being focused is one thing. Being too tightly wound is an entirely different beast; one that will lead you astray. Remember, you cannot control every aspect of life no matter how hard you try. And if you continue trying, you will exhaust both yourself and those around you.

As you forge ahead, trust that you are never behind but rather right on time, are guided every step of the way, and the best truly is yet to come.