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Is It Possible To
Will my daughter stop drinking? Is it possible for me to find a soul mate? And how can I improve my work and relationship with my boss?
Can I Let This Hurt Go
Is it normal to love your mother but dislike her at the same time? Is it normal to still be grieving for the loss of my father, both brothers and my grandparents and yet still hold anger towards my mother who was so hateful towards my father when he was ill with pancreatic cancer? She was so hateful towards my youngest brother, even speaking badly over his dead body to the nurse? Why is she so angry? I don't think she understands that her prescription medication addiction has taken control of her life and I am angry. Help me understand her for I feel she hates me. Is it just the pill addiction or does she also have traits of schizophrenia much like her uncle and father? I need to understand. I'm 55 and I still feel like my mother doesn't love me. How much longer does my mother have on this earth? She is miserable and unhappy. She never leaves her house and speaks about loved ones who have passed on like they are still in the present. What have I done? How do I forgive and accept a woman who is so negative and angry all the time? Perhaps if I could understand her mental state I could better understand her. My entire life I have tried to understand her and I have been physically and emotionally abused by her. Can I let this hurt go? I want to.
Will I
Will I be set for life? Will I live near my grandchildren? Will I get well? I have chronic pain/anxiety/panic attacks. Will I be with my husband? My husband is a shaman; is there room for me in his life?
I Need Some Insight
I am writing to you in regards to feeling completely lost and afraid my thoughts and feelings will be detrimental to my current relationship with a nice man. I was married for 25 years and my ex pretty much rejected me in every way of our relationship, so I gave him what he wanted and divorced him. During this time my son had been in and out of prison and jail due to crime and drugs and that took a toll on the whole family, leaving me childless in a sense where I cannot see or talk to my grandkids. My daughter wants nothing to do with me and I am hurt. Being the rock of the family I feel like I failed my family. My son's ex wife refuses to allow me to keep my relationship with my granddaughter since I moved to Texas after living in that hell in Minnesota. I'm scared, feel alone, and was told lies in order to move here. My family here is very distant and uses me for their benefit and that is it. I have been trying to find a good job, but nothing. I met a man who says he loves me, but I get scared and worry that he isn't being for real and I am not sure what to think. I need some insight on what you see for my life, career and healing in my family and myself? Please help me.
Out Of The Blue
A few years ago my daughter went through a terrible out of the blue break-up. I saw all the heartache she was going through. This was a relationship that started in high school and ended when she was 23 years old with no warning. She started dating in the fall of 2017. She is with a new guy and as a parent I want to see her happy. Will this one be the one?
Not Even Sure
I’ve had personal relationship problems all my life. I just ended a 10-year relationship that was difficult and toxic. I’m not even sure I want a partner at this point but I get lonely for companionship. What is your advice?

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