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Need To Ask My Dad
I need to ask my dad what I am supposed to do about Blade and Leanne?
Say Goodbye For Good
After eight years in a relationship that seems to go no where, with a guy who refuses to talk about important things and is not really listening to what I say, I need to leave and have a fresh start. I've been trying to leave him for two years. But either I call him, or he calls me, and we start seeing each other once again. He is not a bad guy; he is just so comfortable with his life and what I provide for him, but refuses to give back. He always has an excuse for not being thoughtful or caring. For the first years I believed him, because I wanted to believe: I wanted/needed to have a partner. But the relationship is going nowhere. And now I NEED PEACE, QUIET AND SELF-RESPECT, even if that means being alone. How do I close the door? How do I say goodbye for good?
I Just Need Peace
I Have A Crush
I have a crush on someone and am having a hard time getting over it. How should I handle. I feel they may have liked me too at one point. However, I was too stubborn to show it.
Love Of My Life
Will I find the love of my life in the near future?
On The Right Path
Am I on the right path with my career? What should I be doing?
How I Can Change
I have had a string of bad luck and can't seem to catch a break. My mother died about 7 years ago. I had a lawsuit that was sure to win, and the lawyer at the last minute decided not to take it to court due to lack of evidence, after going through six years of collecting evidence. I have an ex that lives with me who is the father of my children that is addicted to almost everything, and is horrible with money. I have another man in my life that is also an addict; alcoholic and pretty sure is a narcissist. I can't seem to get ahead in my financial situation no matter what I do. I am not happy in my life. I don't enjoy anything anymore, and I just need to know what is causing all this madness, and how I can turn my life around for the better.

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