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James thank you

All souls on this journey called Life, have guardian angels. Some, here on the earth realm, others in the realm of the Universe. Some come into your life for a moment, others for a lifetime and beyond. They all seek to teach, love and enlighten us… They make our Journey richer.

To all of those “Angels” listed here, I wish to express my deepest gratitude for your presence in my life. Your love, friendship, support, faith and willingness to challenge me, has enriched my life beyond measure. By being you, you have allowed me to be the very best me…I could possibly be.

Thank You

To All of You
Della, Jesse, Lawrence, Ardell, Jim, Jessie, Laurie, Jacob, Jordin, Kial, Evan, Emma, Gail, Neal, Shaun, Brady, Tammy, Bob, Ginger, Patrick, Christian, Beth

David, Helen, Guy, Adriano, Cathy, Misha, Rochelle, Rebecca, Derk, Barry, Gary, Kate, Andy

Jennifer, Paula, Rachel, Tracy, Beth, Fergus, Laura, Bob, Tom, Kelli, Marcie, Jeff, Lucie-Anne, Irene, Tom, Danielle, Samya, Paul, Nathalie

Sandi, Bonita, Michael, Jeff, Bob, Anthony, Ken, Marie, Ted, Hope, Don, Vana, Bob, Mona, London, Ira, Andre, Sheilaa, Stephanie, Todd, Jonathan, Jim, Heyson, Penelope, Michael Thomas, Joanna, Kimberly, Stephen

You enrich my journey everyday with your presence, shared memories and life lessons. You are a mirror by which I am able to see myself clearly and authentically. I am forever grateful for the love, joy, laughter, humility, grace and friendship you bring to my life. You are a rare and treasured group of souls, each contributing your best, so as to make the collective whole that much more brilliant. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for being a part of my life.

I have you to thank for awakening my consciousness, to my souls higher purpose in life. In 1992, you played your roll as "angel" and "conveyor of messages" brilliantly, by shepherding me to my first-of-many metaphysical awakenings. Over the years, you have been there every time I have asked, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Your immense talent and loyalty are true gifts in life and I look forward to the many "awakenings" that come in the years ahead.

Barry & Gary
Your openness, generosity, love and support are awe-inspiring. I cherish the times we share together, because they are always effortless, enriching, real and just plain-ole-fun. I am so glad we chose to journey this lifetime together. Life is supremely richer because you are and always will be a huge part of it. Thank You

How does one capture and hold such talent, creativity, showmanship and zany acts of self-expression??? You don't, you merely thank the heavens above for your front row seat, so you may continually witness the magic unfold. Thank you for inspiring and enriching my life and for teaching me to step into the spotlight, for there is a world that awaits you.

Thank you for your random acts of kindness, your gentle, loving, caring spirit and your love and support over the years. It takes a village to create a family, and your unwavering selflessness nourishes and sustains us all. I so look forward to your continued and exciting journey of self-discovery and all that has yet to unfold. Thank you, for being, YOU.

How does one begin to thank you, for all that you are, have been and continue to be, in life? Your love, support, friendship and presence in my life are a priceless gift. You are the roots that continue to give me wings. Your generous and gentle spirit is a beacon of light to so many. Your strength is the foundation upon which we rest and seek comfort, solace and protection. You are the pinnacle of mankind, and we are all the richer because you are in our lives.

Guy & Adriano
I thank you for the gift of family and friendship, and for the gift of shelter, when I needed it most. I thank you for the beauty of your collective whole, and the individualism from which it stemmed. I thank you for sharing the beauty that is Paris and France and for the inherent love, from which your souls emanate. And most of all, for some of the most outrageously memorable moments and experiences, of my life.

The words Glamour, Goodness, Grounded & Authentic don't begin to capture the essence of all that you are to me. Your friendship, love, laughter and lessons, enrich my life on a daily basis. I couldn't imagine life without "Auntie Helen". And for all the joy, richness and purely sublime moments and memories you bring to all of us, by your mere presence, I say THANK YOU

My Glam Girl, My G.G., My Rock. The gift of your friendship is rare, unique and limitless. It is a gift of loyalty, love and shared adventure. You have always been there forever championing me forward. Life without Hope is unfathomable. Here's to all the moments and memories yet to unfold and a grateful thank you, for the ones we have already shared.

Like sunshine in a bottle, thank you for your effervescent spirit and for raining joy, happiness and adventure into my life. Your innate talent is gifted and great, as realized in your lovingly adorable boys. To the many rays of sunshine ahead. Your bouton d'or.

My dear friend and fellow light traveler, how limitless is that of your genius, generosity and pursuit of all that is good in the world. From the lowest-of-lows, to the highest-of-highs, you seek to "see" yourself and in that, you are a great teacher and mentor. From that which we learn, we grow and become free and enlightened. Thank you for inspiring me to reach for the stars. The End Result, does indeed, Speak For Itself.

Jim & Jessie
I thank you for the gift of life, for teaching us to believe in ourselves and for the belief that we can be anything our hearts desire. I thank you for teaching us strength, commitment, honor and unconditional love. And most of all, I thank you for being my parents and best-friends. My life is so very rich because of YOU. I love you.

From anthems to pop hits, country to Christian music and everything in between, you know them all. They reside within you as an expression of your soul. Thank you for always sharing your beautiful talent and gift of music, for the years of friendship and for that which stands out most. Your southern way of storytelling. Gifted, Irreverent & Hilarious

Kate & Andy
The brilliance of your friendship, and that of your souls, enrich my life greatly. From our first chance encounter, to all these years later, our shared collective journey was sealed. You bring such joy and laughter to my life. How very fortunate I am to have your love, support, belief and friendship. Thank you

Laurie & Kial
The reflections of your love, support and belief in me are demonstrated in your deeds. You have always been there for me, lighting the path ahead, when I wasn't ready or able to do so on my own. You are the best siblings, friends and family one could ever hope for, and I am blessed to share this journey with you. May the fate of time with us, be long and generous. Love you Sissy & Little Brother

Our journey of friendship has been rich and enduring, filled with great moments. Thank you for always believing in me and for being a true and trusted friend. Everywhere we go, there we are, and the journey has been richer, because of you.

The gift of wisdom often comes in many forms, as it refines itself, ever honing its skills and highest purpose. For almost thirty years, you have been a mirror of wisdom, by which I have grown, a true and trusted friend, confidante and the greatest court jester any monarch would have had the pleasure to witness. Thank you for your love, loyalty and laughter. You enrich my life, and keep it all in perspective.

To my brainiac extraordinaire, I thank you for your boundless friendship and limitless talent. Your insight, perspective and authenticity are greatly cherished. You are an integral ingredient in the family soup and your unapologetic zest for identity of self and thus self-expression, are what make life real, exciting and full of surprises.

Rebecca & Derk
Part Magic, Part Firecracker, Part Rebel, Part Loyalist. You are endearing, loving, amazing spirits, who found their equal. You bring such goodness and greatness into our lives. And I for one, am eternally grateful that Cathy met you while standing in line to utilize the services on that Delta flight, not so many years ago. Rebecca, Derk, you are priceless.

In vulnerability, we find strength. In free falling, we come to know ourselves. Thank you for demonstrating your courage and for being the "Rocky" we all know and love. Your friendship is but a part, of all that endears us to you.

Since entering my life at the tender age of fifteen, your love and friendship has nourished my soul. We have shared so much in life together, always knowing its safety, comfort, joy and protection. I am so very thankful for your contagious laugh, creative spirit and take-no-prisoners way of life. Thank you for your life-long friendship and more.

For twenty plus years, you have been a beacon of clarity, guidance, wisdom and insight. Your immeasurable gifts and spirit have touched my soul and caused my world to expand and grow beyond measure. I cherish your presence in my life and I look forward to all the shared years ahead.

I thank you for our twenty plus years of friendship and the gift of your soul, expressed through your creations. The most brilliant, soulful, rich, sensual and soul-stirring art I have ever seen. The purity of your spirit is transposed onto each canvas and, like anything of superior quality and value in life, it is cherished forever.

Your brilliance and immense talent shine on every page of this website. Your willingness to co-create this endeavor, and thus partake in bringing it to life, is a testament to the greater good, that is inherent in each of us and that shines brightly within you. I thank you for your belief and commitment in me, and, for as you said, doing what you do, so you may allow me to do what I do. I look forward to the collaborative journey ahead.

Dear James
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