Dear James

In an era where so many purport to offer "life" advice to an ever increasing audience hungry to find their way, it is gratifying to discover that individual, who is truly authentic and gifted.

You are such a person and the insights I reaped from the sessions with you will be cherished and reflected upon throughout my life.

I particularly credit you with providing invaluable direction in a most challenging personal crossroad.

Your wisdom helped me to make the right decisions and accept the patience I needed, in order to achieve a long sought, cherished goal.

Thank-you, for helping me to grow and attain deeper personal insight, and for providing the most valuable light for my path.

Mona Golabek,
Author, Grammy recording concert pianist


Astute, empathetic, compassionate, honest, spot on accuracy--- there really aren't enough words to describe James and the priceless value of his open heart, intuitive gifts and dynamic guidance.

I admire and appreciate James' unique abilities to see and interpret the messages of Spirit in clear, practical, down-to-earth terms that can be acted upon immediately.

As a fellow professional with exacting standards, I've rarely found another Intuitive who can give me the insight and guidance that I need when I'm seeking clarity. I'm happy to say that James is one of the rare few who can and does use his extraordinary gifts to give all of his clients—myself included—the information they need whenever they consult with him.

(Thank you, James, for being such an important and meaningful part of my journey. It's a delight to be on this path with you.)

Master of Intuitive Arts, Mentor, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist


James is a truth seeker. His intuitive gifts guide him towards the "light," which leads to the true meaning of life.

As I went through the most painful experience of my life, the loss of a loved one, James acted as my spiritual guide. He shared his light and his knowing, always moving toward taking the high road in life. He accomplishes this by teaching me to stay in the conscious mind; the mind of the present. By living in the NOW, we worked together to release thoughts from the un-conscious, negative, and ego state mind.

James' intuitive talents guided me to look inside myself and to love and accept that self- unconditionally. Sometimes painful, but always transformative, this process James and I worked through, revealed my extraordinary life. I live life in the now today, loving life and myself more fully and spiritually than I could ever have imagined before.

James is my spiritual guide, my life coach, and my light.



James has been a friend and confidant for many years. Over the years I have turned to him for "insight" and "inspiration" in all walks of my life.

He has a true gift and understands the complexities that are involved in giving "advice" and is kind, gentle, and caring in both his demeanor and approach.

Todd Williamson


I have always been a very skeptical person. Whenever people would refer to the "Universe" speaking to them, I would generally roll my eyes and move on to a different topic. However, DearJames has literally caused me to rethink the direction of my life.

James and I have had many discussions about my career and direction that my life was taking. On a few very specific occasions, James advised me to rethink the direction I was pursuing, but being a skeptic, I didn't listen to him. A few years later, I am now able to reflect back on his guidance and realize that he was absolutely, spot on – I definitely should have followed his guidance.

At this juncture in my life, I am at a key crossroads and there is not doubt that this time I will follow the guidance of James. Already I feel completely stress free and excited about what the future holds!



As a spirit guide in human form, DearJames, is the real deal!

Working with James opens the door to understanding and love as well as unexpected treasures that otherwise might not be discovered.

His interpretations and rich insights provided me with a guidepost, a spiritual and psychic map from which to better align my life to what's important and meaningful.

The challenges experienced in my life were given texture and substance by James, calling forth spirit guides to unravel what has felt as an undercurrent of unknowing and at times, anxiety.

DearJames in his unique loving style and straightforward approach gave voice and understanding to issues that have plagued me for years.

If you are seeking to gain perspective and guidance for patterns in your life that are causing disruption or challenge, James provides a view from the spiritual world, one of great harmony, clarity and at times, humor.

James' style is warm, gracious and loving.

Thank you DearJames for your passionate and deeply insightful guidance.

Janeen Bianco-Splann


The meaning of clairvoyant, in French, is farseeing and penetrating, or literally "seeing clearly." This is James' talent. He sees through the facades of ego, insecurity, desire and fear, and he is not shy about communicating what he finds.

It is an ability to render people transparent that psychologists train for years to master.

I am a skeptic when it comes to intuitive advice from the Universe. I prefer answers that come from proof and life experience.

Yet, in more than a decade that I have known James, I have personally benefited from the quality and depth of his insights, whether they come from the Universe or arise from his own, formidable empathy and sensitivity.

Reading through his answers to the questions that people have submitted to DearJames™, I am always impressed how his intuition and inspiration lead to meaningful, useful, real-world advice.

The mystical never masks the importance of being honest with our selves and authentic in our actions.

Misha Pinkhasov


James has an uncanny (intuitive) ability to understand the inner workings of humanity, and the motivations associated with those complex interactions. He is an invaluable confident, advisor and friend.

B. Waldo


James is incredibly intuitive and has a wonderful way of letting information flow freely. He always surprises me with deeply important personal messages.

He is extremely warm and patient and truly has a very special gift.

It brings so much comfort to know that I can call James a dear friend and I know he has a window into my heart and soul.

He is magical and has made my life fuller with his wisdom and revelations.


Kimberly Nelson-Olszewski


My Encounter with James

I met James almost ten years ago and I will never forget our first encounter…

Extraordinarily different…. engaging, funny, wonderful contagious laugh but there was something more… our friendship grew immediately. James spoke of spirituality and the Universe in a manner that was clear and made sense. (I've never heard these terms before but through James I was able to comprehend their meanings)

At the time I was wrestling with personal and professional decisions. James I believe, sensing my struggles, opened his heart, beliefs and shared his extraordinary life and experiences… I always knew there was something more for me… my destiny… and with the help of James, for the first time in my life, it began to make sense…

Our conversations led to "the Universe" and our "internal soul" is telling you who you are and who you are not… and the forces are trying to show "your" path…. your "journey" and we should listen to… it's not fate but something more, much more.

Upon reflection the Universe allowed me to encounter James….. I believe in my heart that James came into my life for this reason…he was brought to me to assist in my understanding of the past and perhaps my journey moving forward.

His incredible attention to detail and his ability to listen and dissect the unraveling events in my life was uncanny… He made it all make sense and illustrated how to perceive the events occurring in my life… James would say… " the Universe is trying to show you something… you have a choice to listen or not. "


We dissected and analyzed and it became clear … for the first time in my entire life I had a sense of peace. It was James who opened up my world in a way that religion never did, (I was raised Roman Catholic), nor many of the psychology books I have read. As we discussed our society has grown to discount the intangible… we are a fact driven society… and unfortunately we have stopped trusting or believing in the Universe… If you believe and trust… Peace and true happiness is inevitable…

Looking back, his guidance was astonishing…

Since those memorable conversations my life has taken an unbelievable journey and over time I learned to BELIEVE and TRUST the Universe and LISTEN to the "elements" that are trying to show me a better, more peaceful and happy life FOR ME…

James was right!!!

I am now married to a wonderful man living happily in Denver… Embarking on a completely different career, listening and sensing the path and journey the Universe is telling me is my next chapter in my life.

I will always be thankful to James and grateful for his commitment to our friendship and my wellbeing. He is my family and will always be part of my life…

I believe his talents and skills are unique and hope his path is to assist others in their journey… Our society will be better for it…

Joanna Sinatra Nickerson