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The Light Institute: Chris Griscom - The Interview
March 4, 2015 at 9:00AM PST


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The Light Institute - Chris Griscom - The Interview

Celebrating 30-Years of multi-incarnational spiritual development and healing at The Light Institute, Founder, Chris Griscom shares her keen insights, wisdom and expertise on this multi-faceted topic and the many Light Institute Intensives they offer.

Spanning some 58+ years, Ms. Griscom has long been recognized as a spiritual leader and visionary of truly global stature. Her teachings about connecting with our Divine Essence and Expanded Consciousness are encapsulated in her many renowned books, CD's and videos of her work at The Light Institute.

From "The Higher Self Sessions" to "Clearing a Person or a Theme" to "Clearing the Parents" and "The Inner Essences," which include "Inner Mother/Inner Father" & "Inner Male/Inner Female," Chris and The Light Institute Facilitators have been at the forefront of soul growth evolution work.

Offering Intensives around the world: in locations such as Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Greece: along with their founding location in the ancient pastoral village of Galisteo, New Mexico: Chris and her Fellow LI Facilitators offer deeply rich, quantitative experiences.

Learn more about this ground breaking spiritual center and its 30-Years of achievements, Its Founder, and the phenomenal work it performs in facilitating spiritual growth and healing.

The Light Institute - Chris Griscom - The Interview
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