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EXPRESS YOURSELF - Reflections...A Year In Review
February 4, 2015 at 9:00AM PST


EXPRESS YOURSELF - Reflections...A Year In Review
Tell It Like It Is...And Then Hear What DearJames® Has To Say.

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In this episode of EXPRESS YOURSELF - Reflections...A Year In Review, DearJames® celebrates his 1-Yr. Anniversary on the air by looking back at the first 45 shows and topics he covered.

From the Power of Series... to Mental Health Matters, Passion & Purpose to Victim or Participant, DearJames®' underlying message has been and remains one of Self-Empowerment, Surrender, and Self-Love.

Whether taking your calls LIVE where you Tell It Like It Is And Then Hear What DearJames® Has To Say, to sharing the mic with impassioned Featured Guests who willingly share their time, talent, and expertise, You the listening audience have been the reason, The Gift.

In reflecting on the messages contained within our shared pasts, the Universe illuminates our pathway forward.

It's "All in the Playing" as the incomparable Shirley MacLaine says.

So, Let's Play this year of Reflection together. Call in with what you Loved, What you want to hear or discuss more of in the future and as always, what may be on your mind...that you need the Universe's help in sorting out.

Reflections...A Year In Review

WEDNESDAY 9:00AM Pacific

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