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EXPRESS YOURSELF - Binge & Purge...The Diet Wars
January 14, 2015 at 9:00AM PST


EXPRESS YOURSELF - Binge & Purge...The Diet Wars
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In this episode of EXPRESS YOURSELF - Binge & Purge...The Diet Wars: DearJames® tackles the challenging topic of weight-loss / management / overall Mind, Body & Spirit wellness with you.

Everyone wants to look and feel great. And a major component in that pursuit focuses on ones physical vessel...The Body.

From Yo-Yo Dieting to the latest Fad Foods, Weight-Loss Supplements or even Fasting & Cleansing, people try it all in the name of better health & wellness.

However, the real culprit in need of conscious alignment is the Inner-Self. Habits of neglect, despair, laziness & destruction all originate in the psyche, Mirroring externally, that of which is occurring internally.

In order to have a healthy Body you first need to have a healthy Mind & Spirit. When all three components are in Balance One achieves internal / external Harmony.

Neglect any one...and the whole suffers.

Call In LIVE to discuss your overall Mind, Body & Spirit wellness. Discover insight into why things haven't worked in the past as well as ways to move your Self forward to a more happy, healthy YOU!

WEDNESDAY 9:00AM Pacific

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