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EXPRESS YOURSELF - Mental Health Matters
December 17, 2014 at 9:00AM PST


EXPRESS YOURSELF - Mental Health Matters
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In this episode of EXPRESS YOURSELF - Mental Health Matters - Featured Guest Dr. Jan Seward and DearJames® talk Mental Health while opening a safe space for you to openly discuss mental health issues & wellbeing that are affecting you or that of a loved one.

Mental Health & Wellbeing is a serious matter that affects millions of people the world over.

Only by discussing this sensitive topic in the light of day do we face our societal uncomfortableness, neutralize the stigma(s), embrace the present, and seek to understand its transcendence.

From Westernized clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy to alternative spiritual, alchemical and homeopathic remedies, lies the opportunities to overall Mental Health & Wellbeing.

For hidden in the Soul are the answers the mind seeks. It is in reconnecting to the Soul that the Self finds a greater sense of nourishment, peace & balance.

Feel the sense of relief and freedom that occurs when you finally discuss Mental Health Matters in the open.

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