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EXPRESS YOURSELF - New Beginnings - Starting Over
November 19, 2014 at 9:00AM PST


EXPRESS YOURSELF - New Beginnings - Starting Over

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In this episode of EXPRESS YOURSELF - New Beginnings - Starting Over: DearJames® takes your calls live to discuss not only the challenges you face when faced with Starting Over, but also the hidden blessings in New Beginnings.

It seems like no matter where you live or where you look someone you know is having to literally recreate themselves.

Their entire identity, the person you once knew, the occupation you knew them to have, the city, state, and home you knew them to live in, is all changing right before your very eyes.

In many instances these life events are coupled with the loss of income, employment or even life savings, and you are left wondering what is the purpose in such turbulent "change."

No matter the distance or the proximity it effects us all on some level or another. It plays to our basic fears of survival, need, livelihood, good versus evil, karma, and the list goes on.

And yet, by being consumed by the occurring events, these life changes, we miss the greater purpose(s) hidden within these times of tumultuous change; NEW BEGINNINGS.

New Beginnings, Soul Evolution & Growth, Transcendence. These are the gifts we chose to give ourselves wrapped or hidden within change.

Learn how to navigate the many facets of change so as to embrace your New Beginning, thus Starting Over with calm confidence and a greater sense of empowerment.

Call in and share your struggles or frustrations with starting over and then listen as DearJames® and the Universe provide you with new insight as to why and how you move forward.

WEDNESDAY 9:00AM Pacific

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