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EXPRESS YOURSELF - Slow Down & Shut Up...The Real Way to Hear the Universe
September 17, 2014 at 9:00AM PST


EXPRESS YOURSELF - Slow Down & Shut Up... The Real Way to Hear the Universe

Tell It Like It Is...And Then Hear What DearJames® Has To Say.

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In this episode of EXPRESS YOURSELF - Slow Down & Shut Up...The Real Way to Hear the Universe, DearJames® discusses the reasons why we fail to "hear" spirit and the Universe, our inner compass, and how to calm ourselves so we begin to "tune-in" and TRUST what we hear and feel.

All that chatter, the ego mind running rampant, the anxiety, nervousness, mindlessness, and fear; it all takes a toll on our daily lives.

The Universe says Slow Down & Shut Up. And while that may be harsh, the reality is, sometimes we need a bold statement to clear the clutter and allow clarity and consciousness to prevail.

If you're having trouble hearing your inner wisdom and connectivity to source, or have never realized it was even there, call in and Express Yourself.

If you're a pro, share your wisdom, tips and tricks.

Eventually we will all learn the skillful art, practice, and importance of Slowing Down...And Shutting Up.

WEDNESDAY 9:00AM Pacific

The call is FREE. The Intuitive Insight, Answers, & Advice...PRICELESS!

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