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BEFORE I DIE...I Want To______________
September 10, 2014 at 9:00AM PST


BEFORE I DIE... I Want To__________________________________

Life is a gift: Death an irony: and what we choose to do in between: what really matters.

In this episode of EXPRESS YOURSELF - BEFORE I DIE... I Want To_____________________ DearJames® discusses the soulful experiment artist Candy Chang created after the loss of a loved one and takes your calls live to discuss the same.

Overcoming an extended period of grief and depression: by embracing gratitude and finding clarity in her life by routinely contemplating death: Candy sought a daily reminder of the gift of life.

She wanted to know what humanity felt about Life and Living: as well as Death and Dying: so she painted the side of a building with black chalk paint: stencil painted the phrase:

BEFORE I DIE...I Want To__________________________________
: with repeating lines for passersby to write and express their thoughts, aspirations and desires: expressions of life, that really matter.

This act of humanity and consciousness went global: with multiple wall duplications popping up in multiple towns, cities and countries around the globe.

With permission from the Before I Die global art project: DearJames seeks to engage his audience in participating on this online wall.

DearJames invites you to reflect on your life: share your personal aspirations: discuss your greatest hopes, dreams and wishes: in this public display of humanity.

Throughout the show: DearJames® will take your calls live: as well as read entries left on the wall.

To leave your entry, simply post your comment. If inspired: share this post: simply asking others to post their comment on the original post.

Together we will create the largest BEFORE I DIE... I Want To online art wall of its kind.

EXPRESS YOURSELF Now: by leaving a part of yourself upon this online wall for all eternity: for all of humanity: to be inspired by.

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EXPRESS YOURSELF - BEFORE I DIE... I Want To ______________
WEDNESDAY September 10 - 9:00AM Pacific

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