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EXPRESS YOURSELF - Sex & Sensuality
July 30, 2014 at 9:00 AM PST


DearJames® moves to Wednesdays at 9:00AM PST with EXPRESS YOURSELF, an ALL LIVE - CALL IN SHOW where listeners TELL IT LIKE IT IS...And Then Hear What DearJames® / the Universe has to say.

From Serious to Silly, Monumental to Mundane, DearJames® and the Universe will hear you out and then provide you with the Intuitive Insight, Answers & Advice...To Your Life Questions.

The FIRST TWO CALLERS win a FREE, private 30-Minute Intuitive Consultation with DearJames®. All readings during the live show are FREE.


EXPRESS YOURSELF - Sex & Sensuality

From relationship issues to issues in the bedroom to embracing your sensuality DearJames® is here to cover all the bases.
As wonderful as it is to be chaste, we also need to be realistic. It's 2014 and the topic of sex is still predominantly taboo and/or uncomfortable.

In this episode of EXPRESS YOURSELF - Sex & Sensuality DearJames will listen to your relationship, sex and sensuality issues...or the lack thereof, and help you to embrace your inner sexy / sensuality.

Sometimes its as simple as having the courage to spice things up, other times it requires turning the fire down just a tad. Whatever the issue, DearJames and the Universe will be on-call to talk about Sex & Sensuality and how they affect not only you, but your significant other and your individual and collective lives.

EXPRESS YOURSELF by calling in Live, then Tell It Like It Is and hear what DearJames® and the Universe has to say.

Whether it's something you just need to get off your chest or it's something you aren't quite certain how to deal with, DearJames® will provide you with the Intuitive Insight, Answers & Advice you've been looking for.

So make the most of this opportunity to EXPRESS YOURSELF WEDNESDAY at 9:00AM PST. The Call is FREE. The Intuitive Insight, Answers & Advice...PRICELESS

Photo Credit: lazlo/Shutterstock.com ©

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