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The Power of Intention
February 27, 2014 at 9:00 AM PST


Changing your wants and desires into intentions, is The Power of Intention.

By enjoining authentic visualizations and positive feelings with your intended intentions, you will actively manifest your intentions in the daily reality you create for yourself.

The Power of Intention trumps all when it is coupled with the earnest feeling and firm belief that it will happen, for it has already happened. A tricky concept I know, however, once you realize your intentions and move toward them and away from your "wanting" or "desiring" you will have truly mastered the creation of your own reality.


Are powerful and should always be invoked with purity and goodness for all in mind. Should this principle be in doubt, refrain from your intention, lest you bring unintended harm to your self or others.

In part four of "The Power of…" series we will discuss together the methods of moving from "want" and "desire" to intention and how this fundamental practice will change your life. From everyday activities to monumental desires, learn how to manifest your intentions.

Call in Live and share or perhaps discover your true intentions.

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