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The Power of Forgiveness
February 20, 2014 at 9:00 AM PST


In the third installment of "The Power of…" series DearJames® focuses on forgiveness.

To live a truly centered, peaceful and rich life, one must come to understand The Power of Forgiveness and then embrace its practice throughout their lifetime.


Cleanses and purifies the soul, leaving it both renewed and free from unnecessary and unwanted dis-ease (disease). The withholding of forgiveness serves only to imprison oneself by holding onto or reliving the perceived, perpetrated injustice.

The Power of Forgiveness is the key to freedom; self-freedom. It releases your soul so you may soar yet again with the angels. Simply stated, forgiveness is a gift you give your self, for the perceived perpetrator does not hold or share your anger, resentment, envy or negativity, you do.

In this "The Power of…" installment, lets discuss the forgiveness you have perhaps withheld from others or yourself, why you have knowingly or unknowingly done so, and how that is negatively manifesting itself within your being. Then let us seek to release and transcend it.

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