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Individual – Group – Corporate
Intuitive / Clairvoyant Consultations

DearJames is available for Individual, Group or Corporate Intuitive / Clairvoyant consultations.  In each instance, the consultation may be conducted in-person, over the telephone or via Skype.  The location of all in-person consultations, are confirmed at the time your consultation is scheduled and confirmed.

What Should I Expect?
Expect Insight, Answers & Advice… to your life questions.  While every consultation is different and tailored to the individual(s) present, the result is the same, Intuitive / Clairvoyant information from source, is being conveyed to you in an attempt to assist you with your life experiences.

In corporate consultations, the focus is on the overall company/corporation/entity, its employees and/or executives or board members, how each person either diminishes or enhances the overall health and success of the entity, its working environment, internal/external relationships and strategic decisions that either benefit or hurt the company/entity.

In all cases, the information derived is for your overall knowledge, betterment and wellbeing.

How Do I Schedule A Consultation?
Please click on the DearJames Boutique tab and select the desired consultation length.  Please note you may also purchase a consultation as a gift for a family member, friend, colleague or the like.  Consultations are 30-60 or 90-minutes in duration.  Group and Corporate sessions are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Providing Personal Information
Individual(s) - Groups
Other than the information requested at the time of purchase, please do not provide any other additional information regarding yourself or issue(s) of concern prior to your consultation.  If you are a group, please indicate the number of persons in your group desiring a consultation.
Corporate clients will need to provide a general "scope of work," so that a proper quotation may be provided.  Please provide the number of persons within the organization you desire DearJames to review as well as whether you desire an overall assessment of your company.

How May I Prepare For My Consultation?
This is an opportunity for you to openly communicate with source, in order to receive Intuitive Insight, Answers and Advice, to your life questions.
Ensuring you are in a place free from distractions, both mentally and physically, cannot be under emphasized. 

Please write down any questions and/or topics you may wish to address, prior to your consultation, so that we may cover as many issues as possible during your consultation. 

You may also wish to assemble photos of friends, loved ones, etc, for me to view during your consultation, as often times source will bring forth information based on those photos.

Lastly, enter your session with an open heart and mind.  This is paramount in order for you to receive the most beneficial consultation… Insight, Answers and Advice you seek.

Past, Present, Future
It’s all on the table when it comes to a consultation from the Universe.  So be open to the information that is being imparted.  The information is never intended to harm or hurt you in any way.  It merely seeks to present you with knowledge and information for your betterment and wellbeing.

Consultation Recording - Notes
DearJames encourages you to either take notes of your session and/or record your consultation via audio / video.  If your consultation is in-person, DearJames will provide you with an audio CD of your consultation.

In any manner of recording, you acknowledge and agree that said recording(s) are for your personal use only and may not be re-produced, distributed, distributed for profit, made public or utilized in any media purposes, without express written approval by DearJames.

Consultation Confirmation
A representative from DearJames will contact you within 72 hours of your consultation inquiry email and/or purchase to schedule and confirm your consultation.

Payment in full is due prior to your consultation and must be received seven (7) days in advance of your scheduled consultation.

Satisfaction Guarantee - Confidentiality
While incredibly rare, if in the early stages of your consultation, you feel you are not connecting with the information being provided to you, please say so.  Every effort will be made to ensure the information you are receiving resonates within your being.

If we are not able to work through any “connection” issue(s) or simply re-schedule the appointment, DearJames will refund your fee in full.  Please note however, that should you wait too long into the consultation to express any dissatisfaction, no refund will be allowed.

All information disclosed and discussed by you during your consultation is private and confidential.  Like any relationship, it must be founded upon mutual trust, faith, respect and honesty, all of which are sacred elements to me.

Reschedule - Cancellation
Should you need to reschedule or cancel your consultation, for any reason, please provide 24-hours advance notice.  This is a courtesy to other individuals that may be wait-listed.  If we cannot find another mutually agreed upon appointment time, DearJames will refund your consultation fee in full.  However, if you do not provide the required 24-hours advance notice of your cancellation or desire to re-schedule, your consultation fee will be considered non-refundable and said payment for services rendered complete.

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