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Bandaids - Healing Humanity through the lens of Addiction

Bandaids is an "Of Substance" Film, a nonprofit film company that creates premium, entertaining short films to offer healing, support, & understanding for all those touched by Addiction.

Bandaids is raw, emotive, and revealing. Shattering the stigma of addiction to reveal our shared humanity.

You need not suffer addiction to receive this short films remedy. See yourself, your humanity, in your fellow human.

Allow their journey of pain, healing, hope, and redemption to be yours.

See yourself in the mirror of humanity being reflected before you, "for there but for the grace of God go I."

Learn More - Donate - and watch other inspiring and informed "Of Substance Films" at www.ofsubstance.org



Sing Along With Us Choir

Inspiring, Emotional, Empowering, Heart & Soul Enriching, the list goes on.

What absolute JOY & INSPIRATION these beautiful souls share with those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

An undeniable testament to the purity, innocence, and goodness in the world.

A reminder that the DIVINE is in each of us.

Christian, big sister Jade, and the entire Sing Along With Us Choir perform THIS IS ME on the Britain's Got Talent stage. A well-deserved Golden Buzzer follows.



Compass - I Will Lead You Home - Jonathan Antoine

In his own words, Jonathan Antoine states:
"Compass is basically, kind of an open letter to all of the downtrodden, the sad, the kids in the world who need to feel loved. And in a way it’s, you know, me reflecting, its looking back and kind of saying that even though things are tough for you there is light at the end of the tunnel and that there are all of these people around you who do love you even if you can’t quite see it."

The lyrics, written by Diane Warren, are poignant and prescient. Never have we needed to know and be reminded more that Source, Spirit, God, et al, is there, standing by to be our compass, our way home, than we do now. It is a profound opportunity to remember both our individual connection to Source and our collective Unity as One.

May this performance both inspire and nourish your heart, your soul. May it remind you of what lies at the very center of your Being and our shared human experience, LOVE, and an Ever-Faithful Guiding Hand.



Wellness Universe Inspired Sessions Interview - DearJames®

Co-Founder Shari Alyse of The Wellness Universe interviews WUVIP DearJames® on wellness, his gifts, life and legacy.



BALANCEDLIFE Interview - Exercising the Soul - Intuitive DearJames® & Host Debi Carlin Boyle

Host Debi Carlin Boyle on her show BALANCEDLIFE interviews Intuitive DearJames on how to exercise our soul to overcome obstacles and fears that are holding us back.



Harrison Craig Sings Broken Vow: The Voice Australia Season 2

The Glory & the Mystery of a Souls Journey. What is it that we judge: without ever knowing what lies within. This is a testament to the power of the human spirit and the lessons made manifest in the experience and expression of opposites. STUNNING - SOUL GRIPPING - TRANSCENDENT



Jim Carrey's Secret To Life

Words of Wisdom. So profound, they must be shared. Jim Carrey Copyright Protected © - All rights reserved.



Unsung Hero - TVC Thai Life Insurance

thaigoodstories.com shares this heartwarming commercial video, reminding us all of the unforeseen good that comes from our kind and authentic actions. Their ripple effect is monumental. The lessons...timeless. Watch the video and then stop and think of all the goodness that will come from your random acts of kindness and the ripple effect they will have in the world.



The Lady in Number 6

The Lady in Number 6 is one of the most inspirational stories ever told. 109 year old, Alice Herz Sommer, the world's oldest pianist and oldest holocaust survivor, shares her views on how to live a long happy life. She discusses the vital importance of music, laughter and having an optimistic outlook on life. This powerfully inspirational video tells her amazing story of survival and how she managed to use her time in a Nazi concentration camp to empower herself and others with music. See the entire film at theladyinnumber6.com



Conversations with the Universe: Simran Singh at TEDxCharleston

The publisher of 11:11 Magazine and the host of the syndicated 11:11 Talk Radio and On the Lighter Side Radio, specializing in metaphysics, spirituality and motivation, Simran discusses how one can change with faith in the universe.

This presentation is nothing short of utter brilliance. It is divinely inspired and delivered. It is a gift from God and we are all the richer. Transformative, Powerful, Evocative… One must say Divine Purity.


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